Xbox360 accessory HD-DVD player will employ USB!

I just posted the article Xbox360 accessory HD-DVD player will employ USB!.

  Here we  have an interesting article over at the Xbox page. In it amongst the HD-DVD hype  is detailed (at least a bit), the much pondered and anticipated HD-DVD external  drive for the...
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First: I don’t think that the PS3 will only cost 499$, I think 599$ or - what I would think - even 699$ is more what it will cost… Of course in Europe this will then be 599€ and 699€ :slight_smile: But will we will soon know it (Sony has its E3 conference today)… Second: Of course it is conected through USB to the XBox360, what else… The question is how it is connected to TV. Especially because if it doesn’t use HDMI the question is what will happen as soon as HDCP becomes necessarily…?

There were quite a few theories of how this player would work including network, USB or AV but yes, USB was the most likely. The thing is, there is no mention of HDMI. They just say USB and apparently the way I read it…exsisting HD connections. Most figured that MS would not use HDMI as they downplay it. But some thought that there would be a breakout box or some way to incorporate HDMI. To me by reading “between the lines” here, there will not be HDMI. Or I think they would have come right out and said it. [I]“This new accessory will connect to the Xbox 360 console with a USB cable, enabling it to harness the power of the Xbox 360 console for the HD video outputs and digital surround sound.”[/I] As far as the need for HDMI-it has been stated that the ICT flag will not be implemented by most if not all studios until 2010. This is beyond the life expectancy of the Xbox360. Hopefully, this will not be an issue. Unless they change things again, and they can as it is built in to the copy protection and can be invoked on a studio by studio basis. One thing of interest that I read by someone claiming to be working on this project, is that the player is being designed to work with Windows as well. But, who knows if this is true?
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I think I’d rather wait for the PS3 and dish out the extra cash. I dunno about the US and other countries but the PS3 WILL make high sales in Japan. The XBox360 didn’t make much sales in Japan due to most people waiting for the PS3 and the HD-DVD being an future option (as reported by Famitsu Magazine). By the way, they just aired the first preview of FFXIII on the PS3 in Japan. The grafix are amazing, think of it as playing a game with CG from the FFVII movie. Somebody will probably upload the preview video on youtube soon.

I hope this add-on won’t cost more than 100 dollars.

You know dens you may not be too far off, from the article: [I]So what’s the suggested price for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player? “Stay tuned. We decided to save that [B]good news[/B] for another day, but we’re clearly out to make this an affordable option for Xbox 360 owners,” said Penello. [/I] I guess we have to ask, who can take the losses the longest? MS or Sony? What I can’t figure out is how these consoles are going to affect stand alone player sales. Surely a console, either HD-DVD or Blu-ray is a better value. :d
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unlike deep pocketed japanes consumers who would pay more for the very best, most us consumers seek values; the usb hd-dvd drive are expected to be 200usd including a remote & playing software this allows upgradability path for the hd-dvd playability at lower price + it would be even more interesting if the usb drive can be compatable with pc because there are many american families without hd-tv sets, so bd playability is less important for more people in us than japan where i heard most people owns hd-tv sets speaking of graphic quality, ps3 could out gun xbox360 on paper because cell, rsx, and xdr memory; however, because of cell’s complexity, xbox360 could match the quality of ps3 rather easily. i think there will be many middlewares to support ps3 developers, but they will only add fats to the OS layers which ps3 must move to run game codes this brings an interesting question; what about the integer power of cell processor? will it be powerful enough to run all those fats while streamlining multimedia codes to synergy cores to do their jobs? what about the memory? will it be enough to have all those fats? i don’t know whether ps3’s integer power will be great enough to out gun xbox360, but xbox360’s several months advanced launch will give the xbox360 developers an edge. my only concern for xbox360 is the lack of floating power which will create less convincing physics, but it would be close enough if ps3 launch is sucessful, xbox360 might get a price reduction, so unless there are ps2/ps3 exclusive titles you must play, i think xbox360 will deliver more bang for the buck than ps3 would do. sony’s only chance is to bundle linux package :slight_smile: imho ps: i even heard the rumor that sony will be taken over by ms LOL