hi guys

i try to copy audio CD to playing in the xbox

but the xbox cant play the disc its know the disc is not orginal


i try to make image but the same problem

when i insert the orginal disc its playing well

My qestion is

how the xbox know the cd is copy not orginal

and what the solutions to copy it right ??

sorry guys for my bad english

i hope to know what i say :cool:



It has something to do with the drive thats in your Xbox. Your copied audio cd’s will only work with the samsung drives (quality drive). Some will play on the Philips and none of them will work on a thomson (cheap and crappy drive).


Ummmmmmmmm :wink:

i understand from you that i must change my Dvd Rom right


ok i want to buy samsung drive

have i should buy any dvd rom or there a specially rom for xbox ??

and now i realy damaged from the cd and xbox

How the xbox know that cd is orginal and the another is copy did any one have the answer ??

thanks you theunbeatable and Good Luck :cool:

just have a look around at => there you can find any answer regarding hacking/modding of the Xbox.

About the DVD-drive, its nearly impossible to place another one in it. The XBox-Dvd-drives have a special firmware to read the xbox-dvd’s, which standard dvd-drives don’t have.

About your 2nd question regarding the copy protection; xbox-discs are modified to have a specials encryption key (don’t ask me how though, thats a very indepth and technical story) which cant be copied. It is possible to run copied cd’s with a modchip cause they dont ask for that key.


lot of thanks theunbeatable for help :cool: