XBox/XMBC Wireless Networking a Modded XBox issue



I have softmodded my 1.0 version XBox. Everything works great, but I recently purchased a D-Link DGL-3420 and a D-Link DGL-4300 to stream content to my XBox Media Center. From the forums I’ve read, it seems that you need to connect the wireless through the MS Dashboard. My Dashboard does not have that Wireless option under the advanced thread. I’m using Evolution-X as my dashboard and need to know how to setup this Wireless Adapter. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jack :cool:


I figured it out.

Ended up uninstalling the softmod, hooking my xbox up to my router DHCP and connected to xbox live and updated my ms dashboard. Then fiddled with settings till i got everything straight on connecting wirelessly. Then reinstalled the softmod. viola!