Xbox ver.1.0 help needed

I have a Xbox 1.0, I want to mod it to play backup. I need a few files and I have some question. If you modded your version 1.0-1.5 Xbox, please help (pm me).

What files do you need ? (BIOS files, or what ?) All you need is an exploitable original game (SC, 007AUF, Mechassault), raincoat, a memory card and the bios image. This all costs MUCH MUCH more than a reliable chip, which is less than 20 bucks. (aladin, duo costs 10-20 usd)

regards, Stephen

pS: not to mention, flashing the TSOP may be risky, if you flash a wrong BIOS it takes some hours for a pro to repair it.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I might look into just buying a modchip then.

I found the Duo X2 chip for $18, is that a good chip? Should I look for a more expensive chip? What modchip do you have? Thanks.

Not a bad modchip but I hope you at least have a semi steady hand to solder it in. XBOXs are by no means demanding for soldering but if you are like me and have unsteady hands then ANY soldering of electronics is OUT!!! Also you will need to re-flash the BIOS on the modchip in order to do what you want. You are on your own for where to find the modified BIOS. Do you plan on sticking with the stock HD and just doing everything from DVDR or do you want to add a huge HD?

Duo2 (has two 512 Kbyte banks if you flash it with a wrong bios you can easily restore, except if you get the Lite version), is a reliable chip, and it’s not that hard to install it in a V1.0-V1.5 a direct solder pad will help you to solder it in 5 mins. Of course there are more expensive chips but for you playing games this is a good deal. (Aladins are even cheaper, but have much more trouble than Duo2’s) For BIOS I recommend the X2 4981 or X2 4983, both can be found using Google.

regards, Stephen

I found the X2 4981 bios, so I guess I’ll just need the chip.

The XenoFX chip is even cheaper, see

Yeah, but something about picking up a modchip with little or no info scares me. I remember what happened with the lovely Magic Modchip fakes/knockoffs that went around in the PS2 community.

If you meant the XenoFx then it’s an Aladin like chip. As you too mentioned, just like with the Magic serie on the PS2, guys bought them for their price and paid so much in the end when the chip did not work at all or worked only partially. :bigsmile:

A chip with one bank for one 256 kbyte BIOS m8, compared to the rock solid Duo2 is quite a questionable deal, especially as the price tag is only a few bucks.

regards, Stephen

by the way, XenoFX info can be found on the Xbox-scene site, of course if price is so important, one can choose the cheaper Aladin or like chips aswell.

Well, I ordered the Duo X2 chip, hopefully it’ll arrive in a few days. Anything I need to look out for? Any tips on soldering? Thanks.