XBOX, USB keyboard and DosXbox



Today I put DosXBox (x86 for the XBOX to play Dos games) on the box and it works like a charm. Most games run without any hassle.

Just one thing: I can’t input anything, as I don’t have a keyboard hooked up (virtual keyboard sux).

I noticed these cables that transform an XBOX controller port into an USB port. They are used for hooking up USB keyboards for use in Linux.

Well that’s great, but what I want to know is wether such a keyboard can work in DosXbox? Anybody with experience here?


well dosbox does support usb devices (like gamepads) so it should be able to see the keyboard, so i’d say yes it will work.


That would be great :slight_smile:

One more question: can I connect a USB hub to an XBOX controller port so I can put both a mouse and a keyboard on one port? Or would I need two cables?


yeah you can connect hubs to it and connect up a bunch of stuff, i’ve done it with linux (xebian distro), but i haven’t tested it with anything else apart from that. These days i just tend to use two seperate cables as i don’t like a hub cluttering up my desk.


Practically all usb keyboards and usb mice work. Even in some legal games suchs as Phantasy Star Online there’s keyboard support.

I have a Packard Bell (hey! it was only 10 euro! :)) usb keyboard and mouse. The mouse plugs in a usb port on the keyboard, so that i will only need one connection on the xbox to plug them in. And it works great! I can surf, chat, play point and click adventures in scumm vm with it and use Dos.

P.S. Dune II on a tv is awesome!

P.P.S. There are also lots of ports of open source games such as Open Transport Tycoon and DoomX.


Hmm that PB keyboard and mouse sounds good. Is it still available in some shop? Price is very interesting as well :wink:

I already put Dune II on my XBOX… it’s hard to play with only a virtual keyboard though :slight_smile:

Is there an XBOX version of TT? Wow I gonna Google right away!


i got the action replay keyboard, stupidly thinking that its “the only keyboard for xbox”, however when i got it, it was just an ordinary usb keyboard with an adapter, so i paid more tham what i needed.

@Mr. Belvedere, do you use xebian at all? If you do, do you know how to make the desktop (and all the menus) fit into the screen? I’ve been trying for ages but can’t seem to get it done.


Nope, don’t use Xebian. I just use the EvolutionX dashboard and tweaked it a lot :).

The current version of DosXbox (version 8 or someting) includes profiles, better emulation and more memory. The major drawback of the DosXbox is that everything is emulated through software, the vga, the soundblaster, the mouse, keyboard, eveything. This gives a lot of timing issues on games who use the VESA standard (emulated as well). Games which use nifty tricks to enhance the graphic performance are even crappier (Doom 1 for instance).

Dee-Ehn: Sorry, the keyboard was a one time offer at the local hardware store :slight_smile:

A little list:


Gens (xport)
Gens X
Neo Genesis

Apple 2

Arnold X

68000 X
Daphne X
Final Burn X
Mame X

UAE X v0.8.22

Atari Multiple Systems
Atari XL

Atari 2600
Stella X

Atari Lynx
Handy X
Lynx Xbox

Atari ST

Adam X
Koleko X

Commodore 64

Game Boy
Extreme GB

Game Gear
Dega X
Dega Xbox

Xboy Advance

Genesis (megadrive)
Genadrive X
Gens (xport)
Gens X
Neo Genesis

Bliss X


Neo Geo CD

Neo Geo Pocket
NeoPop X

FCE Ultra
Nester X
X Nes

Nintendo 64
Daedalus X
PJ64 Port

Odyssey 2
Odysseyx 2

PC Engine
Hugo X
Xpce X


Sega CD(mega cd)
Gens (xport)

Neo Genesis

Sega Master System
Dega X
Kaster X
SMS Plus

SG 1000

SpeXtrum v0.01 Alpha

Snes9x X

Vic 20
Vic20 X

Oswan X
Wonderswan X


That’s a great list, Belvedere. How is your box modded, btw?


With the X.B.I.T. modchip.




i’ve got mine softmodded, took along time to get everything done, especially upgrading the hard drive…


I hope you used uxe as an exploit, with xboxhdm to prep the new drive. Xboxhdm is a wonder-tool for building new drives.
You know, if you use nkpatcher, you can have a shadow c:\ with retail files that makes your exploit untouchable by updates after the xbox has booted. :slight_smile:


modding a xbox v1.0 - v1.5 is quite easy. Takes about 2 minutes :slight_smile:
modding a xbox v1.6 takes some time, you gotta solder a lot of wires :slight_smile:

installing a new harddrive takes a couple of minutes, but transferring the data back and forth can take up to an hour.


Hmm. It takes me only a few minutes to put the UXE with shadow c:/nkpatcher on as well.
Yeah, transferring can be tedious between hard drives.


well i was a newbie when i done my softmod, for ages i couldn’t get it to work as my dashboard was to new for the original exploits, then one day, i found out about uxe, and it was easy. The upgrading of the hard drive took forever! First of all, this is a note to anyone doing it, do not use windows based fatx tools, hdd driver is rubbish, and also use xbox hdm.

I kept getting error 6 all the time, when i used unlockx to lock the new drive, kept happening, so tried other methods of locking (config magic not working on my xbox!), none of them worked. Anyways eventually used xboxhdm, used the same key as with unlockx, worked first time. The i found out that hdd driver didn’t image the whole drive at all, left all the folders, not the programs, and the ones that were left wouldn’t work cause they had corrupt files, so used xboxhdn to do that as well, worked like a charm.

So theres my wonderful story, hope you all had as much fun reading it as i had typing it! Now i could do it again easily cause i know what i’m doing and what methods to avoid…


Hi i’m an extreme noob i just recently just got my xbox softmodded with unleashx dashboard. it was my understanding that and xbox couldn’t read a keyboard without being modded with linux and therfore it would not be able to run console games. After reading this post it sounds like your saying you dont need linx to use a usb keyboard. Does that mean a connection such as this is possible.

USB Adapter for Xboxâ„¢ (female) (Lik Sang)

to this

Logitech® Cordless Desktop® LX 500,CRID=1,CONTENTID=8773

I’m asking because i would like to use a wireless usb keyboard on my xbox for linkboks,xboxmediacenter, and dosbox but i dont want to install linux on my xbox.

I’m sorry for not posting in the noob section. any help would be deaply appreciated.