Xbox to be delayed in Europe

I just posted the article Xbox to be delayed in Europe….

Upwire says that the Xbox got some delay in the European and Asian market…

Worrying reports are beginning to do the rounds about Microsoft’s launch strategy for the hugely anticipated Xbox…

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puh, I ain’t waiting for that Xbox. M$ doesn’t stand a chance against the PS2 and DC. Looks like the Xbox and Game Cube are gonna be big losers. Nintendo has experience with that, M$ doesn’t. And it will probably take until 2003 till there will be cool games for that Xbox. by that time everyone ownes a PS2 or DC. (source: PU)

Verdomme! al dat stomme CDfreaksen heeft me punten gekost op mijn rapport! 1 verliespunt: Wiskunde(5). Dat 3Atheneum valt toch tegen. Tering

Kids: for every hour of Cdfreaks, 4 hours of studying!
(or else you will end up like me, and you won’t get a Plexwriter for christmas)

bah, nintendo rule! the very best games are all on nin, playstation quality of gfx and playability just doesn’t compare!

i agree that the xbox has had it though! it can only relly run the same things that a pc can, and it will be more expensive, lower res (due to use of tv), not as functional… need i continue. if you want a games platform get an N64 & a Psx. Best of both worlds!

Hmmmmm, yeah right!!!
The PS2 has sweet F A in the way of decent games so far, they are all something revamped (TEKKEN), DVD sux, hardware is faulty, need I go on. The DC sux. The gamecube looks excellent but will probably fail. However the Xbox is supposed to be coming out at around cost price £150ish according to the distributors for our company. MS will try and conquer the market like always but this time beating PS2’s price point. MS are buying loads of developers and making others sign exclusive contracts for Xbox. MS are buying their way in and will most likley succeed. From the shots we have seen it beats the PS2 hands down!!!
BYE BYE DC, hello Sega software company
HELLO MS, hello Xbox @ £150

I have copied every other MicroScum product, I am not about to give up now!

lets see.
case £20
shity MB $35
cpu £40
TNT card £35
128meg dim £47

yea i can do this, it may cost more than the original but you can feel good that none of the money went to the GATES OF HELL !!!

The X-Box is nice when you look at what is in it. When placed up to the PS2 the PS2 has lower quality and as for game shortages I don’t think that we’ll see those as it can take any game made for computer that works in NT. The only problem that I see may be the price… though when I go to ebay I have seen the PS2 listed for 7-800. I think that it will take a large market share.

Why is everyone so against MicroSoft? I think you all are just jealouse! I think Bill Gates is just a smart guy who marketed the right product at the right time. Remember, you don’t HAVE to use MicroSoft products. If you’re realy so against MS Products, just uninstall your Office, Mediaplayer, Explorer and Windows OS. Don’t complain, but act!

If you think MS is going to loose against sony, nintendo and sega, then you don’t kow MS very wel…