Xbox successor specs leaked to the web - real or a hoax?

I just posted the article Xbox successor specs leaked to the web - real or a hoax?.

  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the Xbox rumor mill  is back up and  running on all eight cylinders. This time, we are given a look at some very...
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OMG, check out for the whole article, was posted and has been talked about yesterday.

LMAO WTF so you can run windows nt on mac hardware? WTF!!! ROFL!!! Maybe apple can alow windows xp to run on macs lmao !!! this is a good article… as it is in fact windows running on a G-5 chip so this dont make any sense at all ?? is anyone out there scratching their heads??:r:r:r:r

With these specs, games like Doom 3 and Half Life 2 would be handled with aplomb so you can just imagine how good games have the potential to look/perform with this beast. Maybe bump the RAM up to 512 seeing as it’s shared with the GPU. :X

No different than Apple having a version of OSX that runs on x86 chips. Supposely, the R&D team keeps an updated version of OSX for x86 chips.

but all that equals heEEAAAVYYY CASH$$$$ if those are the real specs, hell microsoft will lose even more money on each xbox2 than it lost on the xbox

Study your computer history and you will realize that there were versions of NT for PowerPC chips. Why would you think this is so different? The G5 and AMD64 share some of the same technologies, if not most of the same, so really this is more like the PPC days of winNT running on Macs (without emulation). So, no, I’m not scratching my head at all. The real question is how is it going to be cooled thats IBMs biggest problem right now. If they had to liquid cool the dual G5 TOWERS, wth are they going to do for a console?

Who cares? We still get a monster for a few bucks… :d AND for whoses who don’t know the Windows New Technology (NT) was ever based on the purpose to make windows portable to any platform via a HAL (hardware abstraction layer). In the end, after Windows NT 3.51 only the x86 platform was supported BUT I remember windows NT on Alpha and PowerPC! So they can really produce an enbedded windows XP based on the Windows NT core running on a PowerPC with no big problems! :S The only problem? it’s still MS… :+