Xbox Start-up Problem



Hey all.

I borrowed my friend’s Xbox. It worked fine the last time he used it.

When I turn it on, the Xbox load screen appears. But as soon as it’s done, it goes to a blue screen.

Any idea what’s going on here?



Using a modchip?

If so, something you did corrupted the BIOS.

otherwise… i would say it is a hardware issue. How old is this persons xbox?


Yeah, it does have a modchip. Is it possible to uncorrupt the BIOS?

This Xbox has got to be at least 3years old.




Trying to reflash the BIOS may help, but there might be other problems aswell. Maybe just a wire came off, you should check the chip (if there is one there at all) or the TSOP. With so few info none could give you an exact answer.

regards, Stephen


I did check the the chip. It seemed fine.

How do I reflash the BIOS?




i was playing my xbox and my screen whent blue any idea what it is ? w/b


Depends on what chip you’re using. If it has a backup channel with the linux flashing bios on it, you’re good to go with a CD. If it only has one memory channel, you’re going to need a hardware flasher, which is a second chip that’ll hook up to your computer by USB or parallel port.