Xbox software mod - error 21

ok i’m a complete donkey
i soft modded my original xbox about 6 months (everything was going fine)
till just recentley
i have now deleated my dvd soft ware off (yes do-nut)
i have now done something else and now when i turn it on with out a game in it it read error 21
i have tryed to reload my soft mod but it says ha ha ha call customer service your xbox needs a service i can’t remove it i can’t get into it to help

so any boffins out there who use a lingo a donkey can understand please
give us a hand please please please

If you deleted some software that is essential then it’s unlikely that we can help, since from the limited information given, there seems to be a hardware problem too. I suggest you call the customer service people and ask them.

Make sure you have your registration key/serial number handy when you do.

yea this same thing happened to me i have my xbox softmodder and everything but i didn’t delete anything…i had Halo 2 in my xbox…then i unplugged because i got grounded off it and it hasnt been turned on for about a month…so then i got it back but then when i turned it on error 21 came up…and i dont know wut i did wrong so can someone PLZ help me PLZ