XBOX Softmod Tutorial



XBOX Softmod Tutorial with
this may or may not help because I don’t own an XBOX and have never tried this on another XBOX

XBOX Softmod Tutorial with
Mordens Audio Hack 007 V3
(V1.03) By SlimboyFatz.

Even though this Hack is pretty much fool-proof, You do so at your own risk!

Please read the FAQ at the end of this Tutorial.

Also read ‘Xbox Backup Burning Guide’ at end of Mod Tutorial

Equipment Needed:

  1. XBOX version 1.0/1.1 (with the 4920 Dashboard)
  2. Original copy of '007 - Agent Under Fire’
  3. Action Replay for XBOX
  4. Official ‘Microsoft’ Memory Card
  5. Mordens Audio Hack 007 V.3

You only need items 6 and 7 below if you intend on
FTP’ing into your XBOX!!

  1. Ethernet PCI Card 10/100Mbps
  2. Ethernet Crossover Cable (CAT 5 / RJ45)

Now to the juicy part…Hacking that XBOX!!!

STEP 1. Install the Action Replay card reader and Software to your PC (you need a USB port in the back!)

STEP 2. Insert your MS Memory Card into the Card Reader…Windows will detect this as a new device, Just follow
the information it gives you (You may need to insert your Action Replay CD-ROM again).

STEP 3. Unrar ‘Mordens Audio Hack’ and take out ‘’…Open the Action Replay program and then
Drag & Drop the 007 Gamesave onto the Memory Card window…Hey presto! The gamesave is on your Memory card.

STEP 4. Insert your Memory Card into your Controller and boot up your Xbox. Then go to Memory and Copy the 007
Gamesave from you MC to the XBOX Hardrive. Take out your Memory Card.

STEP 5. Insert you copy of ‘Agent Under Fire’. Select Start Mission, Then Exit that mission. Go to Load Mission and Load the 007 Gamesave from your Harddrive.
And if all is well you will see the ‘Phoenix Bios Loader’ image then the new ‘MXM’ Dashboard will Boot up!!!

STEP 6. When MXM has loaded Press B to goto the Audio Exploit section (without this you cannot run backups etc…)
Press A to Install it and then A again to Confirm. When that is done it should return to MXM.

PLEASE NOTE You only need to follow these next steps
if you want to install Games straight to your XBOX harddrive.
You can stop here if all you want to do is play CDRW/DVDRW backups.

STEP 7. To FTP into your XBOX you will need to connect your Crossover Cable (CAT5) from your Ethernet Card in your PC to the Ethernet Port in the back of the XBOX.
To FTP files to and from PC to XBOX you will need some FTP software. I recommend CUTE FTP.
Once installed goto the Site Manager and enter the following details

FTP Host Address -
User Name - xbox
Password - xbox
FTP Port - 21

STEP 8. Connect through CUTE FTP to your XBOX and you should now see in the Right-Hand window the inside of your XBOX…You should see these Drives:

C,D,E,F,G (and maybe X and Y)

STEP 9. If you want to Install Games, Applications and Emulators to your XBOX you will need to put them onto the E drive.
You can install to the F drive if your Xbox will allow you to format it.

Good Luck and Happy Soft-Modding!!

XBOX Backup Burning Guide -

Note: I am assuming you have a Version 1.0 - 1.1 XBOX and using CD/RW

1.Download a Program called Extract-XISO
2.Add your Downloaded game to Extract_XISO, Yes you may say that the game you just downloaded was an ISO…But its better to change it to the proper XBOX format (XISO).
3.Grab a copy of NERO 6 (Burning Software)
4.Go into ‘Burn Image’ in NERO and Locate your XISO (ie. Halo.xiso)
5.Now make sure the Settings are as follows -
a - Tick the ‘Finalize CD (No further writing possible)’ box.
b - In ‘Write Method’, Choose ‘Disc At Once’.
c - And always try and choose the lowest ‘Write Speed’…1x or 2x, Even though I have Burnt at 4x and 8x with No problems!!
6.Now Hit the ‘Burn’ button and away you go!

**A Few small points regarding CDRW Media to use, I have the Samsung Drive fitted (this drive is really not fussy what it plays)…But I can guarantee that these types of Media work 100% with this specific Drive -

Packard Bell CDRW 700MB 4x 10x Compatible
Memorex CDRW 700MB 1x 4x Compatible.

**Be Warned…the Thomson and Phillips DVD Drives installed in other XBOX can be very particular about what Backup Media they will play!!


Q. Do i need the 4920 Dash, or will any Dashboard do?
A. Yes you need 4920, the Exploit only works with this version. Visit Xbox-Scene Forum for help on upgrading or downgrading your Dashboard.

Q. How do i find out what Version of Xbox I have?
A. Take a look here

Q. How do I find out what Version of Dashboard I have?
A. Power up your Xbox, Goto Settings, System Info, then wait for the Microsoft information to scroll down. At the bottom you will see something like this:
XXXX is your Dashboard version.

Q. I have an Older Dashboard version, which Live enabled Games will Update my Dashboard to 4920?
A. Splinter Cell, MechAssault, Unreal Championship, Ghost Recon, Moto GP, MX Superfly, Capcom Vs SNK 2, Whacked!, NFL 2003, NBA 2003, NHL 2003, Star Wars KOTOR…and more!

Q. Do all available Xbox Live Games update my Dash to 4920?
A. NO! Live enabled games after Aug/Sept 2003 will Update your Dash Higher than 4920…Avoid games such as…XIII, Counter-Strike, Project Gotham Racing 2, Rainbow 6-Raven Shield…and more!

Q. Can I use a Backup of ‘Agent Under Fire’ to run the Exploit?
A. No! Only an Original copy will work. There has also been rumours of the Platinum versions not working as Microsoft may have fixed the error within the game.

Q. Can I use an Action Replay memory card?
A. No! This make of Memory Card seem to corrupt the Gamesave. Use the Offical Microsoft one.

Q. Where can I get ‘Mordens Audio Hack’ from, I cant find it anywhere?
A. Have a search round on ‘Google’ and check out some of the Xbox Utility sites, or search Xbins on IRC.
You will find it!!

Q. What exactly comes packaged inside this ‘Audio Hack’?
A. The Hack comes in 2 parts
1.The 007 Gamesave which crashes the console and lets you access the MXM Dashboard.
2.The Audio Exploit which enables you to run unsigned code.

Q. What exactly can I run on my Soft-Modded Xbox?
A. Pretty much anything (backups, movies, emulators, media players, homebrew games).

Q. Can I still Rip CD’s after installing the Exploit?
A. Yes you can.

Q. Where do i store all the games and apps on my Xbox?
A. You install them to the E drive.

Q. I have heard you can Format the F drive and gain an extra 2 gigs, is that true?
A. Yes and No, It all depends on what Version Xbox you have. If your Xbox allows it, you can easily Format your F drive from within CuteFTP.

Q. Do the Xbox Live 2.0 enabled games automatically update my Dashboard?
A. No! Your Dashboard will only be Updated if you Hit the Live Tab or connect to Xbox Live.

Q. What are the advantages of Backing up my Xbox C drive, once I can FTP in?
A. The main advantage is that you have an Untouched copy of the 4920 Dashboard stored on your PC, which comes in handy if you accidentely Update your Dashboard with say a Live 2.0 enabled game.

Q. If I did Update my Dashboard to a version higher than 4920 which files would I need to take from my PC back onto my Xbox? And how do I do it?
A. You would need to FTP back in to your Xbox and Delete the xboxdashdata folder and the xboxdash.xbe file from your Xbox HD. Then you would need to Upload the xboxdashdata folder and xboxdash.xbe from your PC back onto your Xbox. Then your Dashboard is back to the 4920 version, Simple as that!

Q. What is the MXM Dashboard actually all about, is it similar to the Evo-X Dash I have heard about?
A. It is similar to Evo-X but contains many more features, Read more about it here What is MXM?

Q. Once i have installed the MXM Dashboard, can I set it as the Default dash?
A. Yes you can, replacing the MS Dash. Take a look here on how to do it MXM Default Dash guide

Big shout out to Members of the Xbox-Scene Forums for sterling advice on loads of modding questions…and to Morden for a fantastic Audio Hack!

Im very sorry for posting this, I was trying to reply to another thread and pressed the wrong button.


does softmodding have the same effect as a mod chip?


Yes, the only thing you can’t do anymore is run an unlocked hard drive. But the tut above is horribly outdated. Get UXE or NDure and set up a shadow C drive, and you’re set.
Just did ause setup with a 200gig hard drive the other day for a buddy.


Well here is a update from the site if anyone is interested

Source: ( sorry you have to register)

I noticed the pinned topic was alittle outdated. This guide will cover soft-modding your box, installing a new hdd and FTPing movies and games to your xbox hdd. I will go with the 007 hack with this one. This is still alot like the oher pinned topic.

You do this at your own risk. Although this is pretty much idiot-proof, I take no responsiblity if you produce a $150 paperweight.

The Cheap/Easy Way of Soft-modding Your Xbox

Tools needed:

007 - Agent Under Fire

I got mine for $8 used from Gamestop
(You can aso use Mech Assault and Splinter Cell but those arent covered in this tut). You MUST have the original version not the Platinum!!!

Action Replay

This comes with a memory card so there is no need in getting an official M$ one.
I just changed this so its all set for you to drop onto your xbox and load. You can get it right here

Thats it! And it works on all versions of the xbox out right now. No more worrying if you have the 4920 dash. And you dont have to go out a buy a Microsoft memory card.

Now for the modding:

  1. Make sure your AR (Action Replay) software is installed on your pc. Plug your USB Link Cable that your got from your AR into your pc. Pop your memory card into the USB Link Cable. Wait for XP to read it and give you the ok.

  2. Download

  3. Run your AR software. Drag the entire zip folder to the AUF folder on your memory card. Should take some time.

  4. Boot up your xbox with no disc inside. Go to Memory section and choose to copy the large (around 500 blocks) 007 file to your harddrive.

  5. Back out and start up AUF w/o your memory card. Choose load missing and select to load from harddrive.

  6. The screen should now go black and you are ready to set up your new dashboard. There should be a page that displays ltools and says “007: Agent Under Fire”. Hit B. Go down and selelct “Install UDE”. Press A to continue. Press UDE2 (You must have a NTSC xbox for this!). If you dont, hit A. This is where my video cuts off. But you can either choose XMX or EvoX as your new dashboard. I prefer EvoX, as do many others.

  7. It will now install. This may take upto or more then 30 min.

You are finished modding! :beerchug: Now you can save games, movies, pics, apps, emu’s and more on your hdd and have no need for discs. You can play burned games if you run out of hdd space and dont wanna get a new one.

Q. Can I use the Platinum version of Agent Under Fire?

  1. No! Must be the original!

Q. What xbox version does this work on?
A. The kernel version does not matter anymore. So yes, any version as long as you are using UDE2.

Q. Can I use UDE2 on a new PAL xbox?
A. No, this is the only downside. There are ways around it but I have not had to do this so I dont know them. Please check out for info on it.

Q. Help me!!! I have a new xbox (1.6) and the screen goes green and other colors when the softmod begins.
A. That is normal for v1.6 xboxs, just let it go til you see the eject led flashing.

Q. What does it look like when I boot up my xbox?
A. Have a look here. It is a 5.92 MB download.

Q. After modding is there any way to get back to the original MS dashboard?
A. Yes! At the main screen there will be an option to launch the MS Dash.

Q. Can I played burned games on my xbox?
A. Yes! Check the guide below to know how. Its simple as popping in the disc and hitting launch dvd.

Q. What type of media should I used?
A. Try to stay away from cd-r. Most xbox’s are not compatible with most types of cd-r. Its best to use re-writable media.

Q. Can I install a larger into my soft-modded xbox?
A. Yes! It takes some effort and could damage your new hdd if you dont follow the guide I will be adding shorty.

Q. Where are all the image to help me out more?
A. I will include videos if I can get some one to host them. Images will also come soon.

Q. How do I play games from my xbox hdd?
A. You have to setup an FTP between your pc and your xbox.

Q. Can play movies on my xbox?
A. Yes! By using either Xbox Media Center or Xbox Media Player.

Q. What’s the difference between XBMC and XBMP (the above question)?
A. Not much, they are pretty much the same. Its just about what you prefer.

Q. Does this mean I can play DivX and Xvid movies?
A. Yes! You can also play vcd’s.

Q. Will Mad Catz GameSaves work instead of AR?
A. I have not tested this. I would assume it would work as long as you have a memory card.

Q. I dont have AUF can I use Mech Assault or Splinter Cell (the original).
A. Yes! But you must use either OR ltools_v1.7_SC_NTSC.rar depending on which game you have.

Q. Can I play on Xbox Live with a soft-modded xbox?
A. Yes! You have to boot directly to the disc when the xbox gets started. To do this, insert your game and turn off the xbox then turn it back on.

Q. Can I play burned games on XBL (Xbox Live)?
A. No, not unless you want your xbox to get banned.


plz help ive been trying to soft mod my old xbox i already know to put linux on my xbox and run mechassault, i also know that my box has had xbox live but not any more so i need to remove the xbox updated files. there is my problem i cant get to the files in my box using a crossover. ive been using the cuteftp software but it cant detect my xbox ive been stuck at this point for a year in a half.

someone stop this maddness and give correct step by step instructions :sad:


Which softmod method did you use. I personally recommend one of the Krayzie’s V2.8 UXE installers. Also, you have to have a live enabled dashboard in order to get the latest installers to work. To update your dashboard, put in any Live Enabled game and it will update it for you. The other problem that I see is that you are using Cute_FTP. Cute FTP works great for some but people who have the most success with networking the XBOX to the PC use Flash FXP. I have tried WS_FTP, Cute FTP, Smart FTP and even Firefox’s FTP extension and not a single one of them has worked properly. Flash FXP on the other hand works perfectly everytime. BTW have you checked to see if passive mode is enabled?



I was just fooling around with the ‘file explorer’ on the Unleash X OS, when i deleted my bios, or what i think was my bios. The file was called default.xbe if i can remember correctly, im not 100% sure though. It was in the C://. When ever i turned on the xbox i went to the screen that says ’ xbox needs service ect ect’. But at that point of time, games would still launch. It was only after that the power plug was removed, and now nothing works at all. I think it has to do with the clock that i cant see! I tried to ftp and that doesnt work either!! PLEASE HELP MEE!


Get yourself an xbox prep cd from any of the numerous sources and reinstall your dashboards.

Xbox-scene will have all the information for you.

And next time, don’t “fool around with file expolorer” unless you have the means to correct any mistakes. :bigsmile:


Problem is that if he has a softmod, one of those “prep cds” won’t work.


I’m not familiar with softmod’s, having only performed TSOP flashes myself… What advantage does performing a softmod have TSOP, aside from not having to do any solder work?


Last time I checked TSOP flashes didn’t work on the latest version or two of the XBOX, whereas the softmod does. If you don’t bother with an HD upgrade than IMHO, the softmod is the ONLY way to go as you never have to even crack open your XBOX and it takes you less than 15 minutes to install the mod and an alternate dash (Evox or Unleash X). I’m not sure about the TSOP flash but to my knowledge you can’t use XBL (since there really isn’t a way to shut the mod off), with a softmod you can shut the mod off and go on XBL. Of course this only matters if you are a die hard XBL fan, but you were curious about the advantages.


Yes, TSOP flashes haven’t worked for some time now, which conicides the time I got away from the scene.

Within my circle of friends, I would always state that modding an xbox meant no more XBL. While technically not accurate, I found the less ‘savvy’ would end up banning their box anyway by forgetting to turn off the mod. It always resulted in less headache for me.

Thanks for the info.


To be honest, except the Live option softmods offer nothing but headache compared to TSOP flash. Just as the poster, many people delte important files and their softmodded Xbox’s do not work anymore. So the cost/time/headache is not worth it in my opinion, if one needs Xbox Live, get a chip for 10 bucks and solder that in. Almost all chips can be enabled/disabled so Xbox Live can be used. The memcard/an original exploitable game for a softmod costs more than a chip.

regards, Stephen


I have a softmodded xbox and it works fine. I guess it would be better to have a chip though to get on live. You can still use xbc though.


hey can some1 give me the orgional maps fer halo 2? bec i deleted them

i am also having trouble with my ftp
i know it works but i cant get it to work now.
can u help?


if u have ver below 1.6 …u can do a tsop flash…which is safer then a softmod



i got my ftp working i just need the maps

and does anyone know how to get unbanned from xbox live or am i screwed?


nope, if you softmod or hardmod your xbox and connect to live… they ban your account


Why don’t you just copy the maps from your game disc?

The only way you will be able to get back on live is to use a different xbox.


hey, i just did this mod, and when i do lunach dvd it wont play a burnt dvd i have, is there any problems i can download to let me play any dvd’s the dvd’s i burnt work in other dvd players no worry’s