Xbox/samsung drive/2500 = no go

Here’s what another poster in another forum posted, any suggestions:

I have a Samsung drive. I am fully aware that this drive will read just about any piece of junk – indeed it can play discs that my writer can’t read any more. Which makes the problem all the more confusing.

I can take a disc – and I’ve tried Prodisc, Ritek, Princo, MCC, TY, Lead-Data and Optodisc, and record any of these in my 105 or 107 (or LiteOn 851s). They always work.

Take the same kinds of media, given the same ISO image, using the same installation of Nero on the same PC under the same conditions. Burn said disc(with the 2500A this time). Disc reads back in every other drive I’ve used. Put it in the Xbox – bang. Doesn’t sit there trying to read the disc, comes straight back with a “This is not an Xbox game” message. This is with an early Enigmah chip.

I suspect this is NOT a media issue. There is some sort of strange incompatibility between the 2500A and my Xbox somewhere.

I am interested to know if anyone else has this problem.

The only disc’s I can say that I have tried with the NEC are Riteks and Princo 4x (yellow datawrite)

If I burn a Ritek with the Nec 95% of the time it will fail no matter if the drive in the xbox is a phillips or samsung.
Same dics in a 105 works perfect

If I use A Princo 4x works every single time in the xbox even with Herrie 107b6 firmware burning @6x.

Ritek G04 & NEC for the moment in my opinion is a no no.

Chip used in all xbox’s is Executor 2, if it make a difference.

I have a new Samsung 5-disc DVD player/HT-in-a-box that likes the BeAll (Samsung) 4x DVD-R white inkjet printables that I feed it. My NEC 2500a loves them as well. They look so sweet when I print a label on them with my Epson R300 CD/DVD printer, too!:bigsmile: I got the BeAlls at Meritline for a little over $60 for a 50 pack. Highly recommended as the discs also play flawlessly in my opening day v1 PS2!

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Thanks for posting this Vanderlow :slight_smile:

Strange findings indeed…
Try burning a game onto a DVD+R with booktype set to DVD-ROM and trying them in the Xbox w/ Samsung drive.
I bet it will recognize them :bigsmile:

it doesn’t :frowning:

One thing I have found out though, is that it’s just one group of ISOs, namely those that have been patched to work on older BIOSes.

Possibly a problem similar to the old Philips CDR writers which had problems with correcting ECC data?

I’ll run some more tests…

ahh I see… so your newer ISO files can be burned in the 2500 and played no problem in your Xbox?

well, one or two can…

strange issue anyway. i havent had this with other drives.

I bought the 2500a and Ritek L19 DVDs specifically to burn Xbox games. At the time that I purchased the NEC I didn’t know about the incompatibility with Ritek discs, and found out about this site shortly afterwards. I have had nothing but problems with Ritek discs and have errors on almost every disc I burned. I CAN get games to run, up to a point. Sometimes my Samsung Xbox drive starts churning away, trying to read the disc. Sometimes it is successful and I just have a short pause in the game. Other times the disc cannot be read and I have to reboot the Xbox.

I have been waiting for a firmware upgrade, hoping this would solve my problem, but nothing has been released. I am seriously thinking about selling my drive on Ebay and buying a Lite-On 851.

Another option I guess would be to use a brand of discs that are compatible with the NEC. Anyone know where to find compatible discs at the same price point offered on the Riteks from

I got 2 xboxs one with samsung and other with thompson. Both will read anything i put into them. Now neither drive will read any 4X media burned at 8X with my plextor 708 but with the nec same media works. So far i tried richojpn and CMCF01 and both play without a problem. Good way to test the media is to copy the disk to you hd using dvd2xbox it will show read errors if they are any.

With the plextor burns i would always get like 5-6 read errors and it would skip 1-2 files.

Burns from nec show no read errors and skips no files.

Originally posted by dolmar
[B]Now neither drive will read any 4X media burned at 8X with my plextor 708 but with the nec same media works…

…With the plextor burns i would always get like 5-6 read errors and it would skip 1-2 files.

Burns from nec show no read errors and skips no files. [/B]

Another example of the NECs’ superior burn quality :wink:

so is there really a problem with the nec 2500a and the xbox w/samungs. because i have an xbox w/samsung and i’m about to bout a new burner and the 2500a is at the top of my list. so should i not buy it now


Some people have no problems playing Xbox game backups burned by the NEC 2500A.
I would recommend steering clear of Ritek G04 media though since people are having problems with it and it is so variable in quality.

I jsut got a nec2500a and I have the same problems with ritek g03’s. they work fine all over the place, including my friends xbox with a philips drive, but they crap out every time on my xbox’s samsung drive.

Anyone have a good suggestion for discs that work on a samsung xbox dvd-rom with this NEC drive (for under a $1 a disc)?

Any CMC discs should work great.
CMC F01 (DVD+R), CMC AF1 (DVD-R), and TTG01 all burn great.
You could also try RICOHJPNR01.

All of these discs types can easily be found for under $1 per disc, burn excellently at 4X with the stock firmware and very good at 8X with Herries’ beta firmware.
Any of these should do your Xbox fine :bigsmile:

thanks for the extensive list of cheap discs! I’m going to order some right away.