Xbox ps2

hum okay, my question is this, i love rpgs, i worship them :D, and we all know that ps2 rules in that area :D, but xbox has some good ones too, so basically my question is can we play ps2 games on xbox???

and if not, where can i buy a 100% working boot disc for ps2???
ok and i’m thinking if i cant play ps2 games on xbox i’m thinking of buying a ps2, but in my country there are only the slim ps2 (the new ones) is there a boot disc or something that works great with it?

i saw the hdadvance and usbextreme but i read on the site that it has some compatibility problem with some games, if you know of a way besides modchip, and hdavance, of playing ps2 games with almost 100% working ?

No you cannot play PS2 games on the XBOX. It doesn’t have enough power to properly emulate it. It can barely do the PS1 or the N64. If you think there are compatibility problems with the HDAdvance or USB Extreme that is nothing compared to what you will be dealing with the Swap Magic “boot discs.” It seems there is a growing list of compatibility issues with them. Most games for it do have fixes but I still wouldn’t consider them as a viable option. The USB Extreme or a good quality soldered modchip (ie Matrix Infinity) are about the only two real options you have for the slimline PS2. I really suggest finding a trusted installer if you want maximum compatibility for all games.