I am having issues with some of my emulated game lagging in some spots and was trying to find out if there is a way to upgrade the processor for the xbox and if it is even worth it?? Is their somesettings that I can change or anything else I can upgrade that may help

Thanks for any replys and help

Nope. It’s a 733mhz P3/Celeron hybrid. Unchangeable. What games are lagging?

btw, it is possible to add more ram, which will help emus, but you need to solder it to the mb and set a flag to enable its use.
Overall, it’s not worth it. Run the troublesome emus on your PC

Thanks for the info anjilslaire. The games that are lagging or that I am having most of the trouble with are on N64(alot almost all of the N64) and maybe about 5 on Sega.

I have already put them on pc but was I was trying to figure out if I can do anything for the xbox.

Thanks again. I think I am gonna pass on the ram sounds like more trouble like you said. Already got over a thousand games on this thing. guess I dont need to be to greedy.:iagree:

Xbox just isn’t powerfull enough for good N64 emulation, but your pc with special controller adapter is. Just hook up the xbox controller to PC:)

actually it isn’t true that the processor can’t be upgraded. it can be changed to a 1400Mhz celeron based processor, but yet again as with the ram you have to solder it in etc. however the disadvantage to this is that on some xbox games the programmers are lazy and so the game will run to fast to be playable (as its not programmed well) and as far as i know emulators can’t detect the faster processor anyways. they can however detect the extra ram and make use of it. its quite expensive as well.

Very expensive and very difficult. It would be cheaper to run it off of a nice PC.

Indeed… upgrading an XBOX is no option if you want to be abled to play all XBOX originals. As the upgraded XBOX doesn’t come cheap, it might be a good idea to use the PC for the N64 emulation. As the emulation isn’t really perfected yet, it could be quite a waste to spend so much money on it… (at least, that is my opinion).