Xbox, Play copied Cd's?

I realised a while ago that xbox refuses to play copied cd’s. Is there any program that will copy a cd that will work on Xbox?

I find this strange because xbox will play my copied dvd’s… :confused:

Anyone know…???


Someone must have an xbox and experience with cd-writers…

Yup you can play burnt cd’s. You need to install a modchip. has all the tutorials you need about this stuff. What is easier,after you have the mod chip installed, is to just put the Xbox on the network and FTP any of your files over you want to play. You will eventually want to upgrade your harddrive (only about 2gb of space that you can use).

Anyways hope this helps.

XBOx should play CD-RW.

Whether it plays a CD-R or not is a different matter as there are 3 different drives in current XBOX

The best place to find any info would be

Try their tutorials

Hope this helps