Xbox - pc monitor

Can anyone tell me how to connect my xbox console to my pc monitor? I have the original package of the xbox, mod-chip,and a 3dfx voodoo3 at the i need any additional equipment?if not please tell me how to connect it.Otherwise tell me where to buy the special kit i need (if any)

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Okay well, If the card has an S-Video , you might wanna double check that, then you can make a setting (hopefully your drivers are up to date) look for options within it’s settings, to display the screen image coming out from the X-Box.If the X-Box is that type that stands on RCA, then my friend you might need an RCA to S-Video conversion extension.

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You also might wanna mess around with your TV. See if maybe you can bring it in through the TV, then out via a Monitor cable, (if you’re TV applies). I have the Zenith HDTV with a monitor exit display through the back. Just get yourself a monitor cable extension, one side male other female. Bring it out from back of TV then to PC Monitor through the cable of its own.

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Hope this helps ya.

yeh it can work

There is a vga adapter cable for the xbox, you can get it anywhere.