Xbox (original) HD trouble



[qanda]This thread is about the Western Digital WD800BB Caviar 80 GB Hard Drive (20 Pack). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Ok, here’s my story. A while back, my Xbox popped up the Error 16 screen. At the time, I didn’t think there was anything I could do, so I just put it away and forgot about it. Just the other day, I started thinking about it again, and decided to do a little research on how to fix it up. I found I have a number of options, but very few that don’t require me to buy a Modchip.:disagree:

Well, I don’t have money for a Modchip, so I decided to go with the hotswapping method. I downloaded Xbox HD Maker and Recovery Tool, and so far everything is working out. However, my real problem starts here: I don’t have a backup of my HD, and everything I’ve read so far tells me I need a Modchip to make a backup. I don’t believe it, but I’m not sure??

My question is this: can anyone give me a walk-through on how I would go about making a backup, and what files I need to put where in order to recover/restore my Xbox? Any help is appreciated… :cool:

I’d prefer to keep all of my save data, but if it can’t be helped, I’m willing to do a factory reset. :confused: Help, please?


Btw, I forgot to mention that my Xbox isn’t Modded, soft or hard.