Xbox One and PS4 release dates leaked



We’ve just posted the following news: Xbox One and PS4 release dates leaked[newsimage][/newsimage]

Retailer leaks both Xbox One and PS4 release dates.

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For all those hypes my good old Nintendo 3DS XL portable will do those two a favor be portable and for real games… My desktop will more then compete and beat them at their own games…plus I can expand and upgrade to newer hardware and still play games old and new and have fun at it. My 3DS XL plays old and new games but heck I am old school just cause it is new doesn’t always offer a newer game play…since they follow the same school of gaming programs. But I am old school Desktop will rule still…


The fact that Microsoft had to reduce users’ rights to keep up with (of all people) Sony clearly says something about the grim future of gaming consoles. Linux+Wine will probably be the best way to keep Microsoft/Sony from intentionally stopping you from getting what you payed for.


Just to play “Devil’s advocate” here, the plus thing that has been lost was Microsoft’s innovative game sharing initiative whereby friends and family could play multiplayer games with only one copy.