Xbox Next to be powered by three 64-bit IBM chips, ATI R500

I just posted the article Xbox Next to be powered by three 64-bit IBM chips, ATI R500.

Quakester2000 and GristyMcFisty both used our news submit to tell us that two websites, San Jose Mercury News and TeamXbox, have revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox 2 console, the…

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I wonder on what they will release the games? On a DVD or something similair or something even harder to backup?

I hope for MS that they are harder to back-up than the games for the Xbox 1… :wink:

Is it just me or the PowerPC chips really are used on Macs ?:d

its not just you, which is why ms have started preliminary xbox 2 development on g5s

I would not be wondered if they will be using some kind of proprietary format, just like Nintendo does? Why? This makes it hard to copy! The only problem they’ll have is the compatibility with the DVD video standard. They ofcouse could make such a system, but it’d be quite costly… Ah we’ll see. For now I’m happy with my C64…

Imagine how much the system is going to cost!!!.. If an intel chip cost around $250 for their latest one think about this one… Ugh on top of that the ATI R5 if the Radeon 9800xt is like $500… Anyways, M$ will bank money on this one or loose big time when the PS3 comes out. M$ dependant on current technology while Sony thinks ahead by 1 step further. … I wonder what Nintendo new console will look like? :stuck_out_tongue:

ABove thread the number are $250 and $500 so no flaming about being free and stuff…

Damnit, its two hundred and five hundred… my fives aren’t showing up for some reason. :frowning:

It’s a stupid bug… When you want to include a $-sign followed by a number you have to add a space in between like so $ 200 and $ 500.

All the processing power in CPU and GPU and they are going ot back with only 256Mb SDRAM instead of 1Gb of DDR2RAM. Remember the cpu and gpu share memory

My thoughts exactly… 256Mb is not quite cutting edge…

its spose to be a console Dreamcast did quite fine with 16 megs besides no games now even come close to using 512 megs. sounds like its gonna be another overpriced boat anchor.

This is a console, things aren’t the same. The current XBox has 64MB RAM.

256mb is ALOT for a console, and MS has already announced that if PS3 will have 512mb, so won’t they. Also there is going to be no HD in Xbox2 unless PS3 has one. Sounds like MS is playing “catch up” with Sony, feature wise. OBviously power wise, this system is going to play PS3 away. I highily suspect you will be able to play Xbox1 games as all this power gives lots of headway to emulate Xbox1.

what happened to nVidia?