Xbox networking/2nd nic card?



I am trying to find out if there is a way to be able to stay online while networked with xbox.

I am currently using a 4 port router 1st is for internet in the other room 2nd is for the computer i am on now and the 3rd is for xbox but seein how i have to go into network setting and set the ip address manually it kick me off the internet.

If I were to install a second nic card and use it for the xbox would that eliminate this problem???


Set your router to enable dhcp. Set all your devices (PCs & xbox) to dhcp also.
For that matter, you CAN have static IPs for all your devices. Your router should translate and provide internet access for everything even without dhcp. Check your router settings. The internet (WAN) address should be whatever your modem gives, ie. 209.58.526.123.
Your internal router address is probably
Set all your devices to 192.168.1.x (2,3,4, etc).
Set the gateway for all devices to the router,
Everything should have internet access.


just do what anjilslaire said, you could have a second nic card just for your xbox and allow it to connect through internet connection sharing (thats what i use), but if you have a software firewall then it can be a real pain to configure, indeed i still haven’t figured out how to fully configure mine to allow it to connect without making my pc vunerable to attack, isn’t worth the trouble.


I should have posted sooner but I already took care of it. Thanks for the replys though.

what I did was just used a seperate nic card for th xbox that way I can use the internet for the other one

I am going to copy and paste that and save to a doc so i have that for later. thanks

what do you mean by saying " but if you have a software firewall then it can be a real pain to configure"

maybe I was lucky all nortons asked me to do was to allow it or not and I told it to always allow


lucky you, i have zonealarm and i had to set up lots of exceptions to allow it despite the fact i told zonealarm that this pc is a gateway! i duno maybe i’m just being a dumbass and not seeing the obvious or something!


Hmm. I have zonealarm too, but I’ve never taken my xbox online. I’ll have to play with it and see…


like i said i’m probably overlooking the obvious, but i did have to set up exceptions in order for the xbox to be allowed to send requests for websites, and to let it download programs for xebian. any help would be appreciated.