Xbox modding - softmod or chip?

Hey guys,

Iv been thinking about modding my xbox for a while now. Its a 1.5 (I think), the Kernel and daskboard info:

I was going to softmod it but it looking a whole lot easyer to chip it. But I need a recommendation of chip and where to get it. Idealy I need one that is solderless.



Softmodding is incredibly easy nowadays. Can be done in under 5 minutes if you know what you’re doing. Solderless chips have a tendancy to move, last I heard.

Another vote for Softmods here. Although I would say that it depends on whether or not you plan on doing an HD upgrade. It’s much easier to upgrade the HD on a chipped XBOX than on a softmodded one (since the softmod is unique to the HD), if you plan on keeping the stock HD though, the softmod wins hands down. Especially with the Krayzie’s UXE installers that are out there now. As mentioned above you can successfully get one of these softmods up in running in just a few minutes without ever having to crack open your XBOX. I’ve successfully used the Mechaussault Installer to softmod 3 different XBOXs and I have only been doing this for a couple of weeks.

Get xboxhdm, and it’s very easy to put larger hd’s in them too.
Use a gamesave, get your c: & eeprom. Build the xboxhdm iso, and build/lock. Put it in your xbox, and install the exploit (if it’s not already. I prefer to build stock hard drives)

Softmod For Teh Win as they say!!

Also If Worse comes to worse, it can be reverted if you ever need a warranty repair :slight_smile:

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softmodding a xbox is much much cheaper and better than hardmodding one

quit advertising piracy & self-promotion. People shouldn’t pay for a softmod if they’re smart enough to read a forum about it.

Softmod isn’t just for piracy. It allows you to install open source software like xbm centre (xbox media centre), an excellent media player that can do slide shows of your digi photos, play mp3, ogg, etc files from a folder, even play video files. All of this will be displayed on your nice large TV, without your PC.

You can install snes emulators to play all your favourite oldies.

Also, for the adventurous, install a linux OS to mess around and maybe waste some time.

I’m fully aware of the benefits of softmodding. I’m referring to his site that offers emulators with “all the games” included with those emulators. THAT is piracy. Just because snes/genesis/etc games are old, it’s still illegal to have the roms unless you own them in most cases. I doubt that most people own the entire snes collection.

Also, in many countries (the US among others) that have a DMCA-type law in effect, anything that circumvents the security/encryption (nkpatcher/altered bios, etc) on a device (the xbox) is illegal, whether it’s used for that purpose. Simply having a softmodded box in effect is illegal in most configurations.

Now, you were saying?

Putting it that way, yes, agreed.

Definitely go with the softmod. Mines been modded and still running perfect, Xbox live and all.