XBOX Mod Chipping

Is there anyone that can tell me the best Mod Chip to buy for an Xbox and how to fit it or where to post it to within the UK?

every one will have their own opion on which one is best…I have the xbit because I did not want to soldor

check these links out:

My opinon is that the afterdawn website is the best for gettin good and quick answers…Chekout they have the xbit. I have used them for the Playstation 2 and Xbox chip and had no problem. If you google modchip for xbox you can find a ton of stuff

look at the modchip comparison tables on xbox-scene and see which ones have the capabilities you need.

i thought modchips where banned in the UK

Not sure. There are shops that have been told to stop chipping or else they’ll be closed down, so it they might well be.

How does the X 2.6 Lite sound to you guys? Mod Chip supplied and fitted at my home for £65.

looks to me like they are illegal. article here.

ben :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks like they are then. Although it doesn’t mention Xbox’s, it might as well be any gaming console.

a mod chip that allows you to play only imports is legal. one that disables the copy protection isnt in the UK. therefore i dont think we should discuss them.


It’s ok to make backup’s of DVD’s and music CD’s, so why not console games? They say it’s illegal because anyone with a Mod Chip can go to Blockbusters and hire a game and copy it. If you have the right software you can do the same thing with a DVD from Blockbusters, but it’s ok to make back-ups of the DVD’s you own.

Then just softmod. All xboxes are expliotable now with the UXE


does this thread look familiar here if the mods were concerened about it they would say something

if you dont like it report it…u dont always have to put your two cents in…Garybrown02 has been here for over a year now Im sure he knows the rules