Xbox Mod Chip

umm… i hope this aint agaisnt the rules… but hey what the hell… anyone know if the new xbox modchips really work?
Cuz they say if u turn it off u can still use xbox live, but i dunno… if anyone knows plz tell me:bow:

Ya they do work but you need to get a executor modchip. Its one of the best modchips you can get and you can turn the modchip off and on itself, meaning xbox live can work

i don’t know where to get it or buy it but just do a software mod. I think they are about 40 dollars. From what I seen if you go the soft mod route u wont’ be able to use x box live… but there are alot of people in a underground community playing online with each other just not through xbox live via soft mods

LOL- how did you even find a three year old thread to answer?

I hope that guy was patient waiting for his answer.

lol with 13 post in 3 years yes he was very patient :slight_smile: