Xbox Live with a mod chip?

I just bought a used xbox, and it seems to have a mod chip in it (The games that came with it, are burned). Which is fine - but when I try to get on Xbox live - i get:

Your Xbox console cannot communicate with Xbox Live because the software or hardware may have been modified

Is there any way around this? I do have a computer (duh :P), and a router. I know quite a bit about computers. So if it’s just a FTP tool or something that I have to modify just need some simple instructions, or a link.

In short - is it possible to use xbox live with a mod chiped xbox?
If so - hardware or software fix?
Information or link please!

Can email me, my name -

Thanks for any information.

pm me

The device you bought came with copied discs? That’s highly illegal. Modchips are legal (about) everywhere, as they let you backup your games and homebrew software on the console, but copied games surely aren’t. I’d return the console…

Anyhow, some chipped Xboxes can be used with XBOX live. All you need to do is to lock your harddrive (if it is unlocked) and don’t turn the modchip on. Harddisk locking is usually done through the settings of EvoX. Turning of the modchip can be done in various ways. Some chips come with an additional switch to turn it on or off. Other chips can be turned off by the power button etc etc…

nope , once your xbox is blacklisted by the xbox live comminuty (which takes about 3 seconds) , you cannot ever play on xbox live again. You will need to change the Mac Address and the ID of the XBOX itself to play on live again.