Xbox Live users having their accounts hacked and used for FIFA purchases



Xbox Live users having their accounts hacked and used for FIFA purchases.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A slew of Xbox Live users are reporting that their accounts have been hacked and used to purchase content for either FIFA Soccer 11 or FIFA Soccer 12. Microsoft has responded, rather slowly, to these reports by locking down affected Live accounts for as many as 25 days to investigate the fraudulent activity.

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Found out mine was hacked this morning and phoned Microsoft. They say it can take upto 20 days to investigate which is not good when Battlefield 3 is due out next week so I won’t be able to get on. Why they need to take 20 days to investigate it is beyond me. I wish I could find out who it was that did this as well.


Typical Microsoft buffoonery. And its disgraceful the lack of security keeping Xbox Live users credit card numbers on file the way MS does and having it displayed on my TV when I go to purchase content.


brocklaser, that’s awful. I keep checking my account just to be sure. For my reference did you previously share the user name and password combo you use for Live for any other service?

It’s really likely these logins are coming from somewhere else and not a breach of Microsoft’s security but without some help from MS or EA we’ll never know.


I never give out my usernames or password and am always careful to not open emails that look dodgy. I don’t even really use my live account it is just there for the xbox account.
It does suck but the support guys were very freindly and although it may take upto 3 weeks to sort at least they have freindly and understanding staff.