Xbox live though pc

I have just changed from orange to o2 for my broadband the trouble is iv had to move the router from the comp room to the liveing room next to the master bt outlet to get the true speed i used to have my xbox 360 connect via ethernet cable direct to router this is now not posable due to the distance can i connect to my computor with ethernet cable & connect to the internet via my comp though network some how ? so i can save on buying a wireless adaptor for it they are about £60. im running vista 32 if it can be done step by step please regards mick

i take it your router is wireless? if it is just go and buy a cheap wireless dongle for your computer then have your computer next to your xbox… then just connect a ethernet cable from your xbox into your computer and run a network test on the xbox console and ‘PRESTOOO’ your connected :slight_smile: im current doing the same thing through my laptop becouse my bt router performs better downstairs and my xbox is upstairs. hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi i allready have wireless connection on my pc via a turbo wirless lan card but my xbox don’t want to play with my comp via the ethernet there must be more to the settings than just a network test this just comes up failed on the xbox ??

ok iv got it sorted it can be done in vista useing ICS rarther than bridged any one else as this problem i will be pleased to help thanks