Xbox Live problems keep many Xbox One owners from calling in their Titan (update: fixed!)



Just as the Xbox One’s biggest game release arrives, network problems are keeping many owners from signing in. The Xbox Support Twitter account reported an issue around 5PM ET, and according to the service’s dashboard it’s still ongoing. While many players who already setup their consoles and logged in to the game (including some of our editors) are able to connect and play Titanfall – although the game’s cloud seems to be holding up, if not Xbox Live in general – or other games without an issue, others are unable to sign in, particularly brand-new Xbox One purchasers who can’t get much of anything going. The support team’s message has been promising updates every 30 minutes or so, but so far there’s no ETA on a fix. Steam appears to have just come back online after downtime of its own – perhaps we could suggest some Dark Souls II on PC in the meantime?

Update: As of 10:47PM ET the Xbox Status page and Support Twitter report the problem is resolved. The team recommends a full power cycle (hold down the Xbox button on the system itself for five seconds to turn it all the way off, then turn it back on), and then you should be ready to request your Titan, pilot.