Xbox Live Netflix hits 1 million activations

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Less than three months after Microsoft launched a Netflix application for its Xbox Live service, 1 million people have activated it, the companies announced.
The application allows unlimited…

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while i do think that the 1.5 billions minutes of watching films on the 360 is impressive, 1 million activations? please, thats the sort of number that throws it all down the pan!! i can’t remember the exact numbers here(so don’t rip my head off), but is there not over 28 million 360’s on the go?(don’t know if that includes the RRoD replacements) thats a poor number in terms of how many 360’s were sold. me thinks that internet bandwidth has accounted for the low numbers! that says alot to these folk who think that HD streaming is the way to go!

Here’s what you’re looking for.

28 million Xbox 360s, 17 million Xbox Live members as of January 2009. However, this is likely the number of Gold and Silver Live members, given the way MS has announced these numbers in the past.

The Silver package, which is free, does not allow for the Netflix app. You’ve got to realize that a lot of people just don’t bother taking their Xbox 360s online, or paying for the privilege, at least.

I understand what you’re saying. 1 million activations out of 28 million consoles ain’t exactly stellar, but it’s pretty good for the first few months. It’s not like the entire userbase is suddenly going to flock online and sign up for Netflix right off the bat.

well…yeah, for the amount of people on this very site who push for digital downloads/streaming, i would of thought there would be a LOT more.

and if the silver package members are not allowed to use the netflix service, then ms are effectively shooting themselves in the foot!

but hey, i’m a ps3 fanboy. what would i know.:stuck_out_tongue:

we don’t even get this luxury over here in the UK! (i heard there is a movie service in the US PSN apparently!)