Xbox Live members 20 million strong

I just posted the article Xbox Live members 20 million strong.

Xbox Live has over 20 million active members and Xbox 360 sales topped 30 million worldwide, Microsoft boasted in a press release today.

Microsoft is calling 2008 the biggest year in Xbox 360…

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Just like for Windows 7, the choice of words is crucial. Don’t you think this little Kill Bill movie inspired yellow Penguin is to die for?

Darn, I have to admit that MS makes all these great DLC deals with the game corporations, literally pulling the rug under our PS3 faithful feet. Makes me wanna invest more faith and money and go buy that new Sony-Ericsson phone gadget to help me forget that I’ll have to wait till late October to get to buy a game I already own the rights to play to but not to resell, just to get the expansions that Xbox people could get just by playing for points instead of worthless trophies waaay before yours truly (if I got all that right, you know with all the precise choice of words and after the biased translation I make of it to then, inject it all in that sleep depraved Frenchy brain of mine on top of which trones a nice garnish of blood shot eyes when I stare to the ceiling in disbelief when confronted to such a carefull choice of words) Maybe my faith in corporations (!?) is the root of my problem. Can someone help me, I need a mental patch here and before Xmas stat, pronto, drette là là!

And please freak bretherens, don’t forget that there’s still no cure for cancer! Denis told me so it m u s t be true.

er…ok, whats your point?:confused:

Well just what I said. I’ll spell it:
Congrat to MS for aggressive effective market practices but not for their rather self-imploding press-site statements (so lawyered and aseptic, they’re almost meaningless but part of the congrat so I celebrate my own confusion when it comes to savage capitalism (love-hate)). To actually find meaning grants me eye irritation and annoyance. Wood tongue.
Sticking with a corporation is often a bad idea… but then again, who takes the necessary weeks to read all the fine prints, that may vary from site to site, country to country to finally realize that a PS3 last gen, even if it can manage PS1&2 mem cards doesn’t have the slut to insert them… nor can it play PS2 games! PS2 sucked at reading DVDs. and so on.
Further more, PSN and LiveBox are nose2nose in the field of registred users but 95% of owners of PS3 vs 65% of XBox owners are registered… This all makes me fear for Sony’s future developpement plans and makes me think back and forth… you follow me?
Cancer kills.
There’s no cure for Cancer by Denis Leary Kicks Rear-soft-cushionny parts ends things.
Tie all this together + some “darn I should go to sleep now” + Experience sinking in + Sense of priorities (maturity to a certain extent) + I do admit not a professional way to expressing myself all the time (I’m a tool with weird opinions, what do you want me to do) = What I thought to be a wicked-funny-but yet-keen-French-accent-assisted way to say it.

Allow me now to present my most sincere apologies to any Freak Brethrens who were offended or mislead by such (a) statement(s) and to promise yall not to attempt again to mix emotions-informations-foreign humor (non-technical mind dejections if I may) into this site again but only if expressly required to by administrators to avoid further legal prosecution or banishment or users confusion.

Thank you all, I love you.
But not you Steveo, I heard your dwarf died of paint ingestion : That’s not cool



got the first point but your last statement was just plain ol’ sad!