Xbox Live bans modded Xboxes - and no way back

I just posted the article Xbox Live bans modded Xboxes - and no way back.

Stevie Wonder used our newssubmit to tell us that there is now more information available about playing on a Xbox connected to the internet (Xbox Live) and mod chips. Earlier we reported that…

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Seig Heil! L. Ron Gates has spoken. Also, if you have even thought about Linux during the last 16 months your Xbox connection will be invalid.

So they ban you via what ? MAC address ? what if i have a modded xbox and a legit game ? :frowning:

This isn’t soley an attempt to stop piracy StrooperMan. They aren’t after folks who are playing pirated or copied games… but rather modded xbox’s. If your XBox is modified it won’t work, legit game or no. Keep in mind, not everyone modifies there XBox to copy games. And MS is out for everyone who mod’s the box… for that reason alone.

There’s a very easy way to circumvent the problem. do the following: 1) throw the xbox into the dustbin 2) buy yourself a pc or a mac 3) buy some games 4) Play the games! :4 To be serious for a second: quote: ‘Microsoft will defend the gaming experience for our users’ The only thing that they defend is their own bank account! let’s just think logically: why would the gaming experience be disturbed by people with mod chips??! I can think of no reason. That’s just an euphemism. Like a US general use to say, ‘we don’t kill people; we defend their freedom from tyranny’.

héhé, Billy Boy has found a way to get even more money out of the poor xbox users pocket, so if you really want to play online and your xbox is modded (are was modded) you have to buy a new xbox (anyway MS Suxs big Time, if the can’t even make windows 95/98 bug/hole free why should you trust them as a console maker :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. So i buy one xbox. Microsoft loses money. I mod it and do what I want with it except go online. Now I really want to go online. So I buy another xbox. Microsoft loses more money. Sounds like a good plan to me! If only I didn’t have a pc already that did what I wanted it to do!!

Here’s you a reason WRFan. Modded XBoxes can run unauthorized code, code that can either be cheats or even viruses. And those would definitely screw up the game for other ‘legit’ users. And DjeoN, there isn’t an OS, or any software for that matter, that is bug free, not even Linux.

Don’t use an xbox for online gaming but use a decent pc? :slight_smile: Xbox always looked like a wannabee to me

Online gaming is crap so it won’t bother me. Anyway who has a broadband connection in the UK? The only reason why the X-Box sells is because it can be modded.

so what happens when xbox live hits australia where modchips are now legal?

“who has a broadband connection in the UK” me… everyone i know…

Ha-Ha! That’s what you get for HACKING! No use in crying, you brought it upon yourselves…

I think the latest mod chips have switches (at least on the picture I saw it did) but I don’t know if it works that way. Be lame if you forgot to hit the switch and got your xboxed banned.

I said in an earlier thread that Bill Gates and his R and D will find a way too clamp down on this issue. It seems they already have :wink: I cannot make a further comment as I don’t own a door stop :4 Greetz too all The Diplomat:8

I wish users who have a mod chip installed the best of luck at getting around Micro$oft’s attempt to block modified XBOXs’ from accessing XBOX live.

@ GezusK: a pc can also contain viruses. and yet pcs are not blocked from online gaming (if you have a valid serial number). so modded xboxes shouldn’t be blocked either, but they are, because MS wants to earn money at all costs

Mine works I have an enigma chip. Seems undetectable

WRFan, I hope your kidding. That’s a poor comparsion. The XBox was meant to be a closed system, where only authorized software was meant to run on it, and that was its protection against viruses and cheats. Come up with a decent argument.

Ahah buy another Xbox for online experience. This is what really Micro$hit wants. Fuck 'em all!