Xbox live 360

just a quick note , a lot of consoles are being banned from live , some that have not been flashed too aswell as the ones with the latest modified firmware ,

this may be a screw up by M$ … so if possible give live a miss while the issue is sorted :wink:

im sure more light will be shed over the next couple of days

I’ve got a Samsung drive ms28 with xtreme 4.2b and still i can login into live without a problem. (of course i don’t play online with backups, only originals)

Those “unmodified” but banned consoles have their secret aswell… :smiley: Those guys at M$ know what they are doing. My opinion anyway has been that playing online with backups is unfair, so I don’t care (nor cry a tear) about banned people at all.

regards, Stephen

yes the banned consoles is backup related when playing live , personally i dont play on live so im too unaffected, the flash proccess is still great and saves those original games from damage its simple when on live use your original games as playing backups does indeed violate m$ user policy.
this is the issue microsoft have and you cant blame them (piracy), if you have played backups on line in the past and no longer do there is still a good chance you are on the hit list ,even if you have flashed your console back to its original state its only a matter of time .

a member of the support team at microsoft as also stated stick to originals on live and you will be fine .

No problems here. :slight_smile:

some consoles remain unbanned due to the firmware they used when flashed /when first went online, most bannings have been to hitachi based 360’s , there is also another update (firmware)being released however i wont be upgrading as all backups may not be compatible with it

Let us know what you find out. I disconnected from live and will not connect until a new firmware is released.

Waiting for a new firmware is useless if you already played with backups on Live… They marked your console and you’re on their list. It’s just a matter of time when they will ban you.

regards, Stephen

even with the new firmware ixtreme, this does not guarantee you will not get banned even if you have never played online using the older firmwares… its just a game of cat and mouse if you dont want to get banned its simple dont flash your console thats the only 100% definate way:)

I have never played a back up on live. I updated my firmware one time when it was bought new. Am I safe?

It is suspected that when you flash the drive using the original Xbox motherboard to power the drive itself then the board sets a flag and later it sends this to M$. Then they can examine the issue and blacklist your serial. As it was said this is just a specualtion, but might be true. It’s only your testing that can tell whether you are safe or not. To be honest if you update it with the latest iXtreme firmware then I suppose you’ll be safe.

regards, Stephen