Xbox keeps skipping

Hi I’ve been backing up all of my dvds using cloneDVD2, and AnyDVD. When i copy the dvds they burn fine and i put tehm into my normal Sony dvd surrond sound dvd/cd player they play perfect just like the normals, but when I try to watch the movies in my xbox there is a lot of skipping and the skips are longer than usual. I havent been able to figure out whats causeing it, Is it microsofts crappy dvd player in the xbox? or is it something wrong with the discs? I am using DVD-R

i dont think there is any problems with the discs you are burning i would say it is the dvd player in the xbox. the xbox is pretty much a computer because it runs off of some sort of windows software. computer dvd drives dont play dvds as well as normal dvd players for some stupid reason. ive always found that my dvd movies (official discs) never play properly in computer dvd players as opposed to real dvd players.
but thats microsoft for you. they produce some really pathetic products if you ask me cause they never seem to work properly.