Xbox Issues

hey all! i have an issue with the new Special Edition Halo Xbox. I play all my DVD’s and DVD Backups on this particular model Xbox. I typically use Nero Recode/Burning Rom to backup my movies and use Memorex 4x DVD-R discs. Occassionally I split the DVDs in two using DVD Fab (to make ISO’s) and then burn them with Nero.

Lately, upon playing some of my backups, my Xbox has started to skip and sputter towards the end of the DVD’s and on some occassions completely freeze up. I tried burning the DVDs on 2x instead of 4x and so far that seems to have done the trick.

Anyone know why this happens or have any other suggestions to prevent it? Should I try a different brand of DVD? Or does anyone know of the Xbox having problems with DVD-/+R’s? Thanks gang.

this is a media quality problem. read up on the threads in the media forum (which i’m moving this thread to now; this has nothing to do with transcoding) to find out what media works for others.

I really doubt it is the issue altogether of poor media. I have the same problem some times. Some discs I can play fine, then another time ill have the problem with the same disc. Take the disc out put it back in and it works fine sometimes. The problem is too complicated and hard to work out.

The problem is a combination of factors. The quality of the DVD player
( XBOX is poor quality), the compression and transcoding technique and maybe maybe the disc media. It has happened on 3 different types of good media. Its a weird problem.

Some of the xbox forums have tips on how to identify which DVD drive you have. It is either Thompson, Philips, or Samsung. Once you know which drive you have, come back for more media recommendations. I can say right off that the Thompson drives are VERY picky, but they seem to like BeAll 4X -R media. Philips and Samsung work great with RiData +R (RICOHJPNR01). The Samsung drive REQUIRES that you use DVD-ROM bitsetting.

Xbox DVD drives {;q))



Thanks quizzer, I was too lazy to go find it :wink:

For what it’s worth, the Samsung drives seem to have the best media compatibility. I have used all three varieties. My Samsung will read CD-R and the others won’t.

I have the Philips drive. It won’t read CD-R but will read CDRW, and doesn’t seem to like DVD+R as much as DVD-R. Whats the better media recommendation for the Philips drive?

Thanks alot

I used BeAll 4X -R media extensively with a Philips xbox, and never had a problem.

I currently use RiData 4X +R (RICOHJPNR01) with a Samsung xbox. Those discs seem to work fine on Philips too, and the burn quality is much better (even at 8X). The Thompson has trouble with them though. The Samsung won’t read them unless I bitset them to DVD-ROM while burning.

thanks for all the help. looks like i have a phillips drive so ill experiment with some of the suggested media types for that drive. is there a particular stand-alone DVD player brand that people recommend these days? i have considered getting one, but i have no idea what to look for. thanks!

Just get one of the cheap hackable players like Apex or something. For me the xbox does a fine job. If you really want a standalone player I’d just keep an eye on and then follow up on the review sites before making a purchase. I have standalone Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic, and Apex players. The Toshiba I have is old and won’t play +R or -R media. The Pioneer is wonderful but it has the worst remote control ever – impossible to use without the lights on and a magnifying glass. The Panasonic seems just fine. The Apex is my favorite because I can watch PAL movies on it with an NTSC television. Sometimes I buy region 2/3/4 discs. :slight_smile: Of course, I can do that with my XBOX too, and most of the time I juse use the XBOX for DVD playback.

the “the compression and transcoding technique” has nothing to do with how well a disc will play in a particular player. if the disc plays at all, then the method with which it was burned is fine; the compression/transcoding method has absolutely no bearing on whether a disc will play (as long as the dvd was authored correctly). if a disc exhibits problems during playback, it’s definitely a media problem (combined with the player’s inability to read the media).

I have a modded v1.0 xbox with the Philips drive in it. Mine will not play Ridata +Rs but it likes my Ritek (G04) 4x -Rs. Even though with my NC-2400A with herrier’s beta5 on it, i can burn the ritek -Rs at 8x or 6x…DONT. The xbox will not read them right. you will get a lot of errors. only burn them at 4x. That has been my experience with my xbox and DVDs. :-p