Xbox ISOs and Burning them




I just got Sony 800UL ~ LiteOn 1693 externail. I burnt two ISOs: GTA san Andreas and MechAssault2: Lone wolf using the same program (Nero, drive and media (Sony 8x). However, the MechAssult works, while the GTA can’t be recognized by xbox.

I tried using xbclone to unpack, remove any media check and repack the iso and still doesn’t work.

In the past, I even use DVD+RW to succesfully burn and play any games, but it doesn’t work in GTA too.

Any tips or link how to burn games into DVD+Rs?



Use craxtion to make the iso, then burn the +R disc with the bitset to -rom. BE sure you have quality media, too. Some xboxes are picky with +R (hence the bitset to -rom).


Nero set to -ROM automatically, and I uses the same disc from sam spindle, but only one game works.

Tried to burnt at DVDRW didn’t work for GTA too. Do I need to burn at 1x or is there just some ISOs that are meant to be run from hdd but not from DVD?


Extract the GTA xISO to a windows folder. (Eg : C:\Temp)
Are all the files (default.xbe etc) directly seen in C:\Temp or are they contained within another folder?


They are on default (root) folder… I downloaded another version GTA San Andreas (Ecstasy) and still the same result.

I mentioned that I’ve rebuilt the iso using xbclone… No Luck… The program mentioned the media check is not found so it has been removed.


Buy the original so you won’t have this problem. Discussing downloaded games is not allowed on our forum… Thread closed.