Xbox information

hey guys just bought an xbox (finally)
bought 2 games with it which costed me 80AUD each

im scared of breaking the originals and im very clumsy with cds so ive decided to do what i done with the psx and put a chip in it allowing me to play copied cds

whats the go with playing copied cds on a xbox

it need a chip?

and whats required on backing up original copies of my games
a dvd burner i do have i have a pioneer 108

Youll need a chip of course but backing up xbox games is a little more drawn out than Ps2. An xbox disc’s data runs from outside to in, unlike every other disc that runs inside to out. Your PC drive wont be able to read it. You have to plug your xbox into your PC via FTP, so basically your xbox is networking into your PC, then your PC through an xbox ripping program can make an ISO image of the disc in your xbox. Go here for more info:

and will i be able to hook it up via network straight away?

as i see theres a network port in it

or do i need to get another chip inserted for this aswell

The Xbox discs run just like a dual layer DVD-9. First layer runs inside to out and the second layer runs outside to in.

so i will need dual layer cds?

There is no such thing as dual layer CDs that I know of. As for the Xbox disc copying, I’ve no idea how to help. Good luck.

umm yes there is dual layer cds… what u on about?
dvd burners are now dual layers and dual layer cds do exist!

Just to clear it up: there are not dual layer cd’s. There are only dual layer dvd’s

Also just wanted to say, if you don’t want to spend money on a chip or are scared of your soldering ability, you can perform a softmod with a gamesave exploit. Check out some of the really good guides over on There are installer packages that do everything for you. All you have to do is a get a gamesave onto the hard drive. If you have an AR for xbox, then you are already set.

As for backing up games, yes you must read them from ftp over you network to your pc, then use a program like Quix to build an iso to burn. About the network port; you won’t be able to use it to ftp your game over until you have modded your box (softmod or chip).

Good luck!

so the xbobx use dual layer dvds

and to copy i must have the chip … i coudl use the mod but i wont be able to copy cds which kills my whole purpose of this

i think ill mod it… but is there diff type of mod chips around?
ill get sum1 to do it for me… ill just pay the 50 dollars or whatever it is
just wanna see what different chips are out there if there is… or they all the same?

Very few xbox games are dual layer. Rallisport Challenge 2, ESPN NFL 2K5, Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, and I believe enter the matrix.

You can use a softmod to backup your discs. I have. Modchips are cool, but can be a pain in the ass to install if you are not confident of your soldering skills.

Read the tutorials on It will tell you all you need to know.

There is a world of difference between CD and DVD. Yes, there are dual-layered DVDs. No, there ARE NOT double-layered CDs. You need to start using the proper terminology if you want people to help you out. IMHO a modchip is still the best install method. It definitely gives you more flexibility for upgrades, XBL (if you want to use it), and is the easiest way to fix something if you get a bad Bios flash. Soldering really isn’t an issue anymore. They have made some very good improvements to the no-solder chips, so they aren’t anymore difficult to do than a Softmod or TSOP flash. I recommend a no-solder Xecutor chip and a late version Xecutor Bios for best results. As for backing up games there are several methods. 1. Is FTP’ing them over and backing them up onto a CD-R or DVD-R (as mentioned above there are only a handful of games that truly need a double layered DVD). 2. Is upgrading the HD (any ATA computer HD can be used in the XBOX once you mod the console) and simply installing the games and running them from the upgraded HD. Ideally I recommend both. HD for convenience, DVD Backup for storage (in case the HD fails).