Xbox HD upgrade help

hey every one, a little bit ago i softmodded my xbox. now i have a 80g western digital HD im trying to instale. i read countless tut. and i understand how to do it but its just not working. i burned a evox boot disk and i cant get it to load with my new Hd in, i know the cd is burned correctly because if i plug in the stock HD it loads up. i tryed to turn on my xbox with the stock one pluged in to get the cd to work then just unplug the stock HD and plug in the new on and click instale new drives but it just freezes once it starts to format. any suggestions? thanks for your time

I’m not entirely sure about this, I’ve only done TSOP flashes myself, but in response to another thread here it was mentioned that prep cd’s don’t work with a softmod xbox.

You could certainly prep the hdd on another xbox and then use it on yours.

If you have an older box that will accept a TSOP flash, that’s the best method, IMO.

what do u mean “prep the hdd on another xbox”? how do i do that?

Use an xbox that is either TSOP flashed or chipped. Install your blank drive and use the cd you made to ‘prep’ the hard drive (i.e. format and partition) Remove the drive and install it in your xbox

As mentioned above the install discs don’t work on a softmodded XBOX. Think about it. The softmod reconfigures the HD through a gamesave hack. The softmod is unique to that HD, once you pull out the HD that the softmod is installed on, that mod is gone. Furthermore the first thing the auto installer discs do is to format and write to the HD, so if you had a softmod on the HD in the first place it would be erased. As mentioned, if you have access to a hardmodded XBOX you can prep the HD in the hardmodded XBOX and then once it is ready to go, pop it in the desired XBOX.

i dont have access to a hardmodded xbox. i was wondering if there some sort of program i can use on a pc to format it like a xbox hd? cuzz that would work fine.

Nope, PC’s can’t read or write the xbox file system.

Yup. Use xboxhdm to build the drive in your PC, then lock it with the correct eeprom.

I stand corrected, good info to know.

sweet thats alot man, i dled that and formatted the new hd it worked fine but when i put it in the xbox it did not have the softmod? so i tryed to reinstale it with splinter cell and it said it was not a upgraded dash? but the one i copyed the files from was? any suggestions?

forget that last reply. thanks alot anjilslaire. i used that cd to copy my working modded HD to the 80g one and now everything works fine.

glad it worked out

i put my new hd in and for some reason it show the same amount of free space as my original hd did… whatis going on??? please help