Xbox Hard drive



Hi i have just upgraded my stock hard drive to a 80 gig western digital and
i have 2 problems

  1. i have 2 halfs of the F partition (i think) one for games which is 65 gig and one for video thats 65 gig how is that possible with an 80 gig hard drive and can i merge them together to make one big space for games

  2. i have got games saved on the E partition but every time i try to launch them they both return me to the dashboard is there a way i can get them working again

Any information on either would be greatly appreciated
Menphus :iagree:


1, no that is not possible. As there are some cache partitions and the usual E partition that is for gamesaves and so on, there is only 65GB left for F.

2, usually they should work. except those are games that were not patched correctly to run from HDD or there are missing files/long filenames or so. Retransfer the games via FTP and you will be fine.

regards, Stephen