Xbox hackers take legal advice by an early bath



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Microsoft has started to take some legal actions against modchip developers just as Sony did with the Messiah chips for the PlayStation 2. There are more modchips than the Enigmah so which other…

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I wish the mod chip makers the best of luck. Microsoft has no right to take legal actions against mod chip makers. Face it. Legislation is insane if a mod chip is illegal and it is not illegal to own a gun. Anyway there will always be mod chip makers that stay up and running. Not every country is crazy enough to make them illegal.


could anyone provide me a link to where I can find the Xtender source code and instructions on how to flash the Xbox bios?


The reason they got shutdown was because they used MS copyrighted code in the BIOS image. The OpenXbox (9-wires) comes with no bios image but allows you to flash it though the LPC port on your comp with whatever BIOS you want… So MS can’t close the project down. Check the mod chip webpage out at or goto for other great xbox scene info