Xbox hack revealed, is the Xbox security really hacked now?



I just posted the article Xbox hack revealed, is the Xbox security really hacked now?.

Orgasmatron used our news submit to tell us
that according to the website the Xbox is hacked. A part of the Xbox, the Xbox
Dashboard seems to be the key to access on the…

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Yes it works…able to boot Linux only!!! Is being updated to include a kernal patch. Once this is done it will be as simple as using Agent under Fire to ftp the files to an unmodded Xbox and you will have a software modded Xbox!!!:slight_smile:


Told you so…






and another one down, and another one down, another one bites the dust…(thnx queen)…l:X


wauw!!! This is nice…i will wait a few weeks before modding mine. Grt:B


part of the hack is installing the malformed font files on the xbox hdd. this means you still have to use the 007/mechassault exploit or the harddrive swap trick. Basically, you still have to open the xbox. does this count as modding the xbox?


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Powerchordpunk, no you don’t have to open the xbox to put this xploit on. You can use a MegaKey-X to put 007 AUF save-game patch. Then boot with 007, use exploit to gain FTP access… then you can FTP the ernie and bert font files and default.xbe etc. After that , you simply turn on Xbox and it boots linux directly.


I really don’t know much about chipping etc. But for those like myself what impact would this have on MS?


All game hardware is sold at a loss per unit, but all game software there has a fee paid to the hardware company that the game plays on. So Microsoft sells the Xbox for 200 it cost them 300 to make it they lose 100 on each Xbox; this works because MS knows you will buy some games so they don’t mind losing money up front. Now someone can go out and buy an Xbox (costing MS 100) then play pirate games and run Linux; Microsoft loses money. 90% of people will never open there Xbox (to install a mod chip) but if you don’t have to open it this will allow a lot more to be pirates.


this means you still have to use the 007/mechassault exploit
You don’t have to open the XBox to do this.
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It’s a lot easier to install a modchip or flash your onboard bios, then to run this hack. 90% of XBoxes sold in HongKong are prechipped, so I think your 90% is a fluke.


Sorry but I have to point oyut the flaw in your logic. The original statement said 90% would not open their Xboxs. Buying a premodded Xbox requires no opening of the Xbox. Furthermore 90% of HK sales don’t mean squat if HK only accounts for a small ammount of total sales


He said “to install a modchip”, what do you think is done with a premodded Xbox?


OK. So now I know how this will screw Microshaft. But what will my son be presented with (on screen) when he boots his machine? Will it be an easily recognised GUI or some form of heavy Geek stuff? PS. Geeks never give it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I said 90% I was thinking western style government not a lawless pirates den. I forget how deeply some people pirate stuff, in some places you can walk in and get warrantee work done on your pirate devices like they were toasters. I totally missed the boat on his question anyway. Just keep the moded xbox off XboxLive and it should look normal otherwise; it will play CDrs and DVDrs too, just keep all the orig games away and only play with dupes and no one will notice anything ‘funny’


I love how MS is a huge bastard company, yet everyone uses their stuff [and apparently teaching their kids to pirate in the process]

If you don’t like MS, then stop using the products produced by them. Hmm… sounds like a plan to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like MS any more than the rest, the costs are outlandish, but their goods are everywhere so they can’t be all that bad.


What is a MegaKey-X?? A google search reveals nothing…