Xbox going 'blu', or not?

I just posted the article Xbox going ‘blu’, or not?.

Since Blu-ray’s victory we’ve heard many rumors about a new Xbox. This newest version will have a Blu-ray player fitted in the console and after yesterday’s rumors, today could be the day this new…

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Why use a disk when you can watch stuff downloaded online?

because the stuff downloaded online usually looks like crap compared to most HD movies on disc today

I find pretty decent quality HD movies that download pretty fast too. I guess it depends on where you look for the media. The problem here is the user, not the source.

Downloads and even HD cable does not come close to the quality of a BR or HD DVD disc. There’s a reason the movies take 25 - 50 GB of space… they are not compressed to CRAP.

Last HD movie I downloaded was 46 GB so I don’t know what crap you download :wink:

I get what ivid is saying. Most downloaded 720p movies are 5GB and 1080p are 8GB. I wonder how much quality difference you would notice if you had side by side comparison between downloaded x264 and Blu-ray/HD DVD.

I don’t think Microsoft wants people running Java on thier 360 platform and also, I don’t think Microsoft wants to pay Sony a royalty to put a douche-ray in their game console. But, we will see today I guess. Plus, no matter what Microsoft announces, they wont undermine the excitement from Apples address. :S

@heffeque Where are you getting your movies from? I’d like to see the quality :slight_smile:

A spanish site. They sometimes have things in english too though:

From TV predictions a press release: However, in an interview yesterday with the San Francisco Chronicle, Microsoft’s Robbie Bach denied the company is preparing a Blu-equipped XBox. Bach, the president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, added that Blu-ray high-def disc has yet to perform well at retail. “If you look at the Blu-ray player market, you haven’t seen the acceleration everybody expected,” said Bach. "You have to look at how fundamentally compelling the difference is between a progressive scan DVD player and the picture that it can produce and what you get on a High-Definition player. The reality is there is some difference, but most people look at it and say, ‘I am not going to pay extra for that.’ " Couldn’t have said it better myself. :d I wonder if Robbie Bach reads CDFreaks? :wink:

@heffeque Thanks, I know spanish too, I’ll check it out.

That Robbie Bach character sure is funny. So, Blu-Ray is not performing well, there’s not much difference between Blu-Ray and upsampling, eh? If so, I wonder what the hell were you doing selling a HD-DVD add-on? Everything you say about Blu-Ray today, you could say, and more!, about HD-DVD. So, don’t lie, it doesn’t make you look good. Admit the reality: you just don’t want to help a format from a competing company. Just say it, everybody will understand, just don’t give half-assed excuses. :r

I think you are right, it would be silly for MS to supplement their gaming platform rivals income with a 60 dollar royalty - and he should be up front about this. But, I also think his statement is pretty accurate - especially from a marketing standpoint. The Bluray drive would certainly add significant cost to the Elite. Also I agree with him, that only a real techie is going to get excited enough about the difference between HD and a GOOD DVD player and display anyway, to cough up the money. Especially when you are sitting at least 8 feet away in most homes. You also need a very large screeen, which most homes simply don’t have and most homes cannot accomodate a large screen in the living room. In addition, with the Bluray drive, suddenly, you get shafted with a whole slew of new DRM requirements, to make your system compatible to even play back the content. It’s a joke! :r
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When we are addicted to downloads (let it be games and movies), then you local ISP will start putting download caps on your Internet. When you go over that cap, you start paying heavy price penalties. This is their plan, this is that fate we all must accept as consumers. :frowning: Time Warner is now experimenting in a few towns in a few states. If their experiment works by gouging the consumers, and the consumers don’t go else where…expect all ISP’s to put a download cap on your Internet. :r