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As you can tell I am new here, but iam trying to find out what is the best way(program) to burn an xbox game? I already have the PS@ down perfect using Nero However I have yet to try an xbox game cause im still waiting on modchip…any help will be great


You first need to transfer your gamedvd content from your xbox dvd player (your pc dvd players will NOT WORK !!) to your computer. Then use a program like Craxtion to make a XBOX compatible ISO. Then write the dvd with Nero.

Remember that your backup will only play when you have a modchip enabled on your xbox.

Use An Ftp Program To Transfer Your Files Over After You Install Your Chip.

What do you mean by transfering my game dvd content from xbox dvd player to pc? How would I get the in formation from xbox? Do i need to take dvd rom out and install in pc?


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Xbox DVD games are pressed in reverse order, meaning the the disc is read from the outside of the disc to the inside of the disc. A computer DVD-ROM will not be able to read Xbox discs correctly although it will show some VOB files when you load an Xbox disc. You can copy files from Xbox discs by copying them via your Xbox to your computer. In order to do this your Xbox has to be modded so that you can set-up a FTP connection to your Xbox. When your computer is connected to the Xbox it can read the files via the Xbox DVD-ROM and transfer them to your computer. From there you can either make an ISO out of it or burn the files with software like RecordNow.

There are a few tutorials on how to copy Xbox game more info can be found here, And for more info and tutorials on Xbox Modification check

Hey All…

I would like some help getting started… I am new to game backups and would like more info on the following…

Do I need a mod chip ??
If so What mod chip is the most popular ??

How do I backup my games ??

What tools and where can I find them ??

Currently I backup my DVD’s and would like to expand my horizons…

Please help a newbiee … I would appreciate it…

No you don’t! You can do a TSOP flash in order to replace the standard MS Bios. This is considered riskier than a modchip because you have to solder very near to the on-board Chip in order to disable the write protection.

If so What mod chip is the most popular ??

Xecuter chips are the most popular chips however if you are a complete noob to chipping i would suggest X-B-I-T modchip which doesn’t require soldering!

How do I backup my games ??

You can do this by copying the entire contents of the xbox-dvd to the xbox harddisk after you’ve chipped it. From the xbox-harddisk you can then copy it to your pc and from there you can use Craxtion in order to make an ISO.

What tools and where can I find them ??

You’ll have to find them on your own. The tools are often made with Microsofts SDK for xbe, which is illegal (the code is reverse engineerd).


Please help a newbiee … I would appreciate it… [/QUOTE]