XBOX games copy

Hi all so far all i got is that you must get a mod chip and if you do then you lose the right to use xboxlive this is a bummer there must be an easy way to copy games to play ok

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If I understand correctly (what you’re writing isn’t very clear to me) you want to use backupped games (it isn’t allow to copy games you don’t own, only those you do own!) on an XBOX, while not loosing the rights to use XBOX live.

Well this can be done, but I don’t exactly know how. The only way I know it can be done, is making use of a mod-plug. This plug is insterted into the XBOX frontally (I guess it’s using USB) and can be unplugged anytime, reverting your XBOX back to the original state.

Maybe there are modchips outthere that have some kind of stealth mode, making it possible to hide themselves for the live part of the XBOX… but I’m not sure about that!

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Take a look at this thread (only a few lines below the one you posted and easily found with the search button :wink: )

You can use a modchip and DONT lose your rights to play on xboxlive(only with originals no backups)simple lock your hd of you xbox and turn of your modschip(all the new chips support a way to turn be turned off to play XBoxlive)better look on the forum of XBox-scene for more on this there are also on that site tutorials on how to.

you can not now or every play backed up games on live. you cant not pop in a game you already own and make a copy of it directly… you would have to FTP to the xbox in order to do that. if you dont know what FTP means dont bother asking for help. read on, i am an other of many tut’s on there. just look up my name.