Xbox Game Help

Im looking for some help!

I recently got an xbox thats modded, my boss modded for me, w.o a chip.
Hes currently working on how to put a harddrive in it, without having to chip it.

Thats not the problem.

The problem is, im looking to burn games. he told me about downloading torrents which as far as i know, downloads an IMG file of the game. I have figured out how to do that. i have an img file that i want to burn to dvd, so i can play it. now, what do i use, where do i go from here to put it on a disk so that it will play in my xbox??? Im new to this kind of stuff so i need some real help!

Thanks for ur time


You sir, need a lawyer very fast.

A lawyer? so im guessing its not legal? lol i guess i will cease!

Yes, you will need an lawyer soon. :bigsmile:

interesting, i had no idea it was illegal. Guess i wont worry about how to do it anymore lol