Xbox game Backups

I have recently run into problems with my Xbox DVD drive bugging out on me, it’s an early model Xbox and I think the drive is getting long in the tooth, as a result it seemed the best fix would be to chip the device and install a large HD with Evolution x as an OS. I recently FTP’d my copy of Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude from my CD to the Hard drive. The game copied fine but when it fires up it crashes immediately, I have had a few of my other games do this some straight away and other after playing for a while, I think Tenchu was one that failed after ten minutes of play or so. I have heard that there are some patches available to fix crashing issues from games played from HD’s any one got any other info on this. Much appreciated. :confused:

Clear E:\Cache, X:\ Y:\ Z:
If it doesn’t improve, look into a different bios.

I’ll give it a go, thanks

i believe that alot of people have trouble playing this game off the hard drive. There is a HDD patch floating around for it that i think replaces the default.xbe file. You could also hex edit it. And theres also an ACL file for dvd2xbox to fix this issue or so i’ve read.