XBox Game Backup



Dear Concerned,

Myself having XBox 3rd Generation game with me and need to backup them into my hard disc as it’s too costly and I want to avoid to damage it.
Please help me to do the same i.e. which software is capable to do it?/
Please help?


Hi vilkas0807 and welcome to MyCE,

in case you have a xBox with HDD then simply install the game onto your xBox HDD, so you’ll also be able to play the game from the HDD.

Backing up the game is also not really difficult, you can do this with software like IMGBurn, there are a few threads about this around here (just use the search). The problem with backing up the game onto another disc is that you won’t be able to play the game by using that backup unless you modify your xBox.


Dear H3rB3i,

First of all, thanks for your reply.
As suggested, I have checked the same with Imgburn but it’;s not capable to backup the game?
It’s only capable to backup promo video inside the disc only?
Would you please help further??


Xbox Backup Creator is the app and you have to use an Xbox 360 DVD drive to rip the image to backup. Other tools are required, such as X360USB Pro V1 or V2 for connectivity of the Xbox drive to a PC or laptop and certain Xbox 360 DVD drives must be flashed with iXtreme 0800 firmware for ripping, which requires an app called JungleFlasher. There is also the xK3y Gecko which is used with a slim Xbox 360 DVD drive for ripping game images for backup.


Dear RhoTrux64,

Thanks for your reply.
I got it and have downloaded Xbox Backup Creator but how about XBox 360 DVD drive? I am unable to get it…is it any special drive? Please suggest?


Try google.