Xbox error

Hello all!

I let my friend install the softmod using mechassault which worked for a while and then the error code 21 came up. I came across this site trying to find away to fix my xbox. I’ve read about error code 21, but am curious as to if it can be fixed without hotswapping to my computer (as I’m not that great with them). I understand this is getting wordy, but I want to explain what I’ve researched so far. :bigsmile:

I read some other forum threads from this site about people who couldn’t play copied games, but could still boot regular non-copied games. Anyways it mentioned that they deleted their dashboard and the solution was to try and install UXE Complete. I’ve also read that I can install the original M$ Dashboard to fix the problem and then do the softmod again.

I would like to use my USB and female to xbox USB connector to solve this issue. Can I follow the steps from the UXE softmod Installation to correct this? Any help is appreciated!

well the bottom line is… if nothing is working and it’s always error 21, your probably gonna have to use XBoxHDM (hot swaping) to fix it.

with XBoxHDM you can restore the xbox back to stock (you will need to manually get a hold of a copy of the msdash and put it onto the XBoxHDM cd) and then use your current method to reinstall the exploits etc… or you can get those apps that work on XBoxHDM and just do the entire exploit etc from that.

that should be enough to get your started as i dont feel like explaining the entire process.

good luck :wink: