XBOX Error Code 05



Hi, i have a xbox i got it from a friend, i used it for some time then one day i turned it on and it displayed error 16 (i was a complete newbie to xbox) then i took out the harddisk and formatted with the pc and put it in the xbox but still no luck, recently i restored it in factory condition by xboxhdm and when i turned it on it displayed error 05, then i tried to lock it with xboxhdm, but it said it couldn’t find something called eeprom.bin, i googled it and downloaded it and put it in the xbox directory c:/eeprom and then when i tried to lock it with xboxhdm it said “the harddrive does not support ATA security specifications”, so can anybody tell me what i can do now.



If your harddisk isn’t one of these you cannot ever lock it. You only need to lock it when you are using the original Xbox operating system though, so get another operating system (like Team Executer) and you’re ok.


well i checked if it’s lockable and it is and it’s the original hdd which came with the xbox its a WD1000BB, maybe it’s because i formatted it with the pc.


You can’t download any eeprom, you need the one from that console to lock the hdd to that console, but now it’s unlocked and you don’t have a copy of the eeprom.bin then the only choice really is to chip it so that it doesn’t need a locked drive any more or read the eeprom via hardware programmer and then you will be able to use the dumped eeprom to lock it.