Xbox Emulators



Please post your experiances with xbox emulators.

Name the emulator and what system it is for(nes, snes, sega, etc.)

Any problems with these emulators as well?

I am looking to find some good emulators and would like to know which one people prefer.


xenesis >>genesis
mameox >>mame
xboyadvance >> gba
xsnes (?) >> snes
more I can’t think of atm


i use neogenesis for genesis(megadrive)
xsnes for snes
xboyadvace for gba
fba for mame
surreal64 for n64
pcsxbox for psone

no issues that i know of, all work pretty well, however n64 and psone roms won’t run perfectly, this is due to the xbox not been powerful enough to emulate the consoles.


Thanks for the post. I have had sometime downtime at work so I have had time to mess with it the only one I have atm are the ones that came with Slayers 2.6 , but I am just trying to find out what others use and like.

What do you think of DGen for Genisis? Its just one i pick up the other day and havent given a try yet. I have beenplaying with surreal64 getting the roms for it now.

any tips or pointers anyone has to offer?