Xbox 'emulator' front for online money-making scam

I just posted the article Xbox ‘emulator’ front for online money-making scam.

On we can read an article about an online scam providing a free Xbox emulator. With an emulator it would be possible to play Xbox games on a normal PC:

A new fraud by…

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Well, i think if they download the illegal emmulator, it’s their own fault

Emulators aren’t illegaluntil made so. Roms are illegal. Sony had to sue to get bleem and conectrix(sp) to stop making emus and it was a long court battle with no real outcome. Sony ended up buying the technology if I recall correctly. Now a statement such as; “Anyone dumb enough to think that the Xbox is emulated so quick after actually being cracked deserves the consequences,” may be warranted

So far I was told it’s just a bloody worm… :d

well, an xbox is most like a PC than any other console to date. having it done fast wouldnt surprise me THAT much. Cept…if i played Halo, woulde i be able to use the mouse? Sides, as far as i hear, there aren’t any good games for xbox. Id rather take a PS2 emulator…

I have this Emulator but never actually used it. I loaded up the program just to see what it was like but didnt run any games. When is the netbuie.exe file used as i did a search on my comp and it couldnt find it?? I also got Norton 2002, is this Trojan detected does anyone know?