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This guy has opened his Xbox to take a closer look at the hardware like the cpu, the hard-disk, and so on. Also he tried to read from Xbox…

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Interesting reading! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…just like a PC in a way. Shame the Seagate ATA100 HDD is connected on the same IDE as the DVD. No point having ATA100 with this configuation. Otherwise, nice setup. Overclocking this badboy might be a challange;)

Microsofts first in series of attempt to take over the hardware market.

Microsofts first in series of attempt to take over the hardware market.
Will they succed? This Xbox sounds promising :slight_smile: Too bad us Europeans have to wait at least another year to test this baby :frowning: But I think (and hope) it will be worth the wait…

here’s what i think of consoles in order of best to worst PS2 Dreamcast GameCube Plastation Ninendo (8bit NES) my P166MHz computer my best freind’s cat. atari 2600 … ms xbox. what a hunk of junk. ok, look at the quality parts that go in there and look at the results. it’s almost 2x faster than PS2 and has 2x more ram, a harddrive and 2x bandwidth of the PS2, yet the game’s don’t look much different. screw ms.

gamecube has the xbox beat big time i have both consoles and the gameboy is crushing it so far… the one hope for xbox is that they come out wiht new titles later on in the future that will acctually bring out its full potential but i doubt it oh yeah and it shocked me to know that the xbox is equiped with a celeron processor hahahahaha!

hahahaha oppsy i meant gamecube not gameboy! thats hilirious…

Has somebody already tried to make pefect backups of XBOX games?:wink:

Ill tell you something, i have all the consoles and Xbox beats the gamecube by a mile, people joke on the celeron but its better then what ever these consoles have, including the 250mhz GF3 chip. just cant be that, but gamecube is good for kiddies, if you like pokemon and mario LoL Banjokazooie. I myself like the hardcore titles. Gamecube didnt even sell like they exoected in japan, and that a big blow.

They are using Celeron and the price is still steep! Celeron is surpose to be the cheapest version of Intel’s PC CPU. I am using Celeron 700 on my notebook and it doesn’t rock big time! The review, I must say is very bias - they say the controller is more confortable - I think it’s too big.

Celeron is still better then whatever they are using now, the controller is very comfortable, and has a better rumble feature then the others. $299 to steep thats the price of most consoles. So not bad at all. GFamecube is cheaper then again its cheap.