Xbox discs? Get an ND2500 :)

Just got my ND2500 this morning and flashed it with the older 1.06 multiregion/no rip speed limit firmware and decided to do a little testing. One of the most interesting tests was with my Xbox which is fitted with a very picky Philips drive, normally the only thing this would read was older Princo and Ritek G04 disks, nothing else would work. Anyway, I had a pile of White Label (Princo) disks that didn’t work with the Xbox when used with my Pioneer 106 so I thought what the hell, I’d got an image on the hard disk so I burnt it onto one of these at 4x and stuck it in the Xbox not being overly hopeful of it working. Imagine my surprise when it loaded up perfectly and has been played for over an hour now with not a single FMV skip or hiccup whatsoever!

I am impressed - goodbye Pioneer, how ya doin NEC :slight_smile:


Yes i agree 100%.
Be carefull, as the Princo do burn very well now, but over 4gig i started to get Bad errors on a few disks.

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